Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Assalamualaikum w.b.t

A long silence made since my last entry on November 2016.
Herewith i am glad to say i am grateful and feel blossom for the REZEKI given by Allah.

i am only 24 years old when i have to create my pathwaay, yet i have actually ready chosen my last pathway. it's the one that will lead me to the future i was dreaming for the rest of my life. and Alhamdulillah, things went nice at the right place.

currently i am glad to say that i am happy with my achievement in my life. everything goes well, things happens for a reason and so wisely.. and now i am here for god sake. Alhamdulillah.

Before, there were so many things that occupied my mind.
i want to give meaning to my life by sharing the happiness with beloved family.. i have a lovely husband and the cutest son. i have my big family, my parents, family in laws, i was working in government sector (which is people always admired tittttttttt), i have pets, house, ...and so forth.
but i know, these are only for temporary..all life is only temporary.
life is too short to be wasted. i have worked passionately, dedicated. i nearly have no time with my family. i rarely spend time with my big family at village.
i became workaholic and forgot the meaning of quality time with my family. Tasks multiplied, been work-loaded since my first duty reported.

Until one day..pressure slightly came into my life, and yes, i have to admit how stressful i am now. huh.

Day after day, i started to think that patience, passion and dedication come easily only when we love what we do. i started to realize having good job with high qualification is compromised, yet being a housewife is not my type. i just can't stay at one position or place for long time. i just can't.

therefore, i am still working, while planning to have my own business with my expert and interest. yes i am.

so i have a p/s here. i am advising to all especially to my son, for not wasting their time on work that they don't enjoy. once again, patience, passion and dedication come easily only when we love what we do. yes, that's the matter! 

but for awhile, please be nice and keep strong my heart and body, there are so many things we need to take care before i could hand over all the tasks to other people. Please calm down..and just stay.

To my husband, thanks for always be here when i need you.

To my son, thanks for the happiness and strength you'd given to mum and daddy. You will be my prince forever.

i love you, Allah, my family, and everything in my life.

so long. Good bye.

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