Monday, January 11, 2016

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

hii peeps!
its been awhile i didn't update anything here. so sad to just leave my blog in silence. 
btw, i am writing now =)

just now i was in my third trimester of pregnancy. *i guarantee yang sudah pernah merasa keadaan ini pasti faham and sedia maklum how it's feel... 
mixed feelings. nervous, excited, happy, and.. everything in my mind. 

Last time i was cried because of my typical condition, maybe sebab belum pernah melalui pengalaman yang sebegini, so my husband is the one yang sentiasa berada di sisi untuk support. he's done everything. Massage, keep me in safe and at ease. everything he did/do is good for me. *really appreciate everything you do my hubby. love you =)

and now, we are waiting for our baby.. may Allah bless us..and keep me in safe and at ease...

everything i do now is all for us (me and my beloved hubby).. this is our Love.. thanks Allah for the gift.. semoga semuanya dipermudahkan..dan selamat... aamiin..