Thursday, February 12, 2015


Assalamualaikum w.b.t..

Ini adalah entry kedua aku pada hari ini. harap maklum. =)

what i wanna talk about is all about my dream and revolutions. i am sure most of us have these things in our life right? i just wondering how we going to grow up if we don't have any of these. yaaa, i means, something that can drive you to achievement and satisfaction. i really meant it okey.

so this is called a satisfaction. i was listening to La Paloma songs while writing on this.

my dream:
1.  To get married when i am about 25-26 years old. and yes, i get married on 26th. =)
2.  To get married with someone who love me all of himself, love me like nobody does and yes,
      to love me like crazy. i found someone looked like this.. My husband!! ngeee. thanks darlingg.
      i will love you till jannah.
3.  To work with the goverment, as a Pegawai. *because i knew Pegawai need to work indoor and
     Outdoor. so this is what i am now.
 4. To have atleast a business with my family. and yes, i am on my way to prepare everything about
      real dream. i want to have a conventional business, founded by me myself.
5.  To have a child with my husband. InsyaAllah, still on progress. ngeee..
6.  To be a mithali wife to my husband.
7.  To help my family, especially my parent
8.  To buy my dream car.. yes, i really want this one but later on.. i need to focus on my business        planning first.
9.  To love my husband with all of my heart.

that's all from me today.
i would love to share my dream soon, if i have free time. bye.