Sunday, November 9, 2014

The answers for 12 romantic questions;

hiii. Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Today i went to Putrajaya to attend a Genexter program, launched by the Prime minister of Malaysia, and his beloved wife. The program is quite interesting but i managed to come back home in the afternoon.i am so tired and sleepy. but when i reached my home, i am so surprised to receive an email from my friend. After a 'deep' conversation, we started talking about relationship. and suddenly she came up with a quiz. and i was like, okaayyy fine. i will answer her, anyhow. so let's check on me dear darling. =)

1. What do you remember about the first you and your lover met?
we started seeing each other in real in June 2010. since we were in long distance relationship, we used to skype-ing, and we only see each other 5 months after i accepted him to be my boyfriend. So during our first met, we set a date at Kinabalu Restaurant, one of my favourite restaurant at my hometown. we ordered a plate of fried noodle and a glass of lemon tea ice, and we shared it. =) then he sent me to my home and met my family to introduce himself and asked permission to be my boyfriend. a real gentlemen i guess! and that's make me love him more.. and more! =)

2. What was the most romantic memory of your relationship so far?
we have a lot of romantic memories.. there's a lot, i just can't explain it in a single page. we just love to do whatever we love to do together. Celebrating our every-important-date with our style, simple but meaningful to us! =)

3. What activities do you love to do with him most?
we love to do our hobby.. like fishing, sports, watching TV/Cinema.. just a lot i can't remember!

4. What would your perfect date together be?
we started dating at early 2010. but we managed to make 1st May as our official date because there is a secret inside that date. i used to let him decide whether to be with me, or be apart from me that day, and he decided to be with me, to give his heart to me, and love me the whole-heart of him. so this date is important for us.

5. What song reminds you of him?
Our first song is You belong with me by Taylor swift. its just coincident that we used the same song as our phone ringtone. like seriously. 

6. What would be your dream holiday destination? for honeymoon maybe.
Hawaii and Bali!!! Yes, for honeymoon, i've chose Hawaii or Bali as our destination. but anything i will refers to him to decide which place for our honeymoon. i am okay, as long as i am with him. =)

7. What is the sexiest thing about him?
His eyes, eyebrows, and the smile! the fact is, his smile is the first thing i've noticed at out first met. the smile with dimples on both cheeks makes me melted and happy. 

8. If you had only 5 minutes with him, what would you want to do?
i would say 'Darling, its hard to say but i want you to know that when i say i love you, i meant it from the bottom of my heart. please trust and count on me!' while holding his hands. 

9. How would you describe him in five words?
You're wonderful and amazing darling!

10. What is most things about you he like to compliment?
mmm.. 'you're beautiful or cute or pretty or anything else'.. you're intelligence, smart, and bla bla bla.. alot ok. hehe

11. If you are given two choice between money and love..?
my love.. especially when involve with my family, my darling, pets, friends or things i love!

12. Are you happy to be with him?
Yes! i am happy to be with him. i am grateful for having him with me. i don't regret with my past, but i would regret if i let him go. i know we are meant to be... insyaAllah.

ok, that's all from me. So long, goodbye!

p/s Dear my darling friend, thanks for the questions. i love it when i need to put all words between me and my fiance here for your knowing. thanks, because you know what, my love towards my fiance become more and more when answering your quiz. thanks ya.. and miss you a lot!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Love quiz;

Hiiii.... Assalamualaikum w.b.t

This time i got a quiz from my best-friend.. she had requested me to answer the quiz long ago. the questions are quite simple but it took a couple of months for me to answer because my life is superb-hectic and unpredictable... so since today i have a little free time,so i would like to reply her... let's go!

1. Siapakah jejaka yang diminati anda semasa zaman sekolah rendah/menengah/diploma/ijazah/phd?
mm.. i got someone during my primary and secondary school. truthfully, the 'secondary' one is my exbf. i used to know him since form 1. well, its just like that. hehe. and someone during my diploma is now a teacher, abg angkat la konon and hampir2 terangkat, but fortunately i was loyal to my bf that time. haha. oh god, my dear fiance gonna have heart attack if reading this! ok.During Ijazah and Ijazah Sarjana? of course my dear fiance, Mr NJ. hehe

2. Orang pertama yang meluah perasaan dihadapan anda?
my classmate during primary school! i still remember it clearly. i was 8 years old that time and i was blurred like a fool don't understand what he talked about. now i found out he already got married with my friend. selamat. alhamdulillah.=)

3. Pernah putus cinta? berapa kali?
well,everyone used to break up right? yaaa, what could i say is, tiada jodoh.. hehe... i have this 'break up' things like 5-6 times.. but the real 'break up' is only once in my life.. the rest is just like nothing.. huhu

4. Bagaimana anda mengatasi perasaan kecewa semasa putus cinta?
mm.. i did a lot of my favorite things.. i used to involve myself in sports and artistic things.. like involved in Senamrobic and represented the university.. singing, composed songs, play guitar.. i keep in touch with my friends, a lot of friends! tried to open my heart for other guys (but failed because lastly i dumped them).. but the most important is keep praying to Allah..and accepted the fate that he is not my JODOH. that's the way i used to be.. simple.

5. Siapa Mr soulmate anda? Perbandingan dengan ex GF/BF dahulu?
Soulmate?? of course my dear Fiance Mr NJ! comparisons between them?? oohhh, this is too dangerous question! haha.. but ok, i will answer you just a little.. just want to mention here that my fiance is more amazing and fantastic guy i ever known! make it simple, my fiance is more understanding, religious, kindness, and etc. good looking?? yesss, i could say that! i love the way he is.. that's all!

6. Apa yang membuatkan anda jatuh cinta dengan Mr Soulmate?
he is my bestfriend, brother, lover, fiance, supporter, and yaaa, i love him, because of himself! i don't know why, but one thing i really love about him is, his personality and attitude. he just wonderful the way he is!

7. Bagaimanakah si dia menambat hati anda?
Aigooo.. how aaaa..hehe.. actually we were friend when we first knew each other.. he like to entertain me, always be with me no matter what happen to me.. i was single that time, until i got a boyfriend-to-be, he still be with me.. pendek kata, he never give up on me, always keep a hope on me.. and his dedication and commitment to be with me..made my heart melted and finally chose him over them! and yes, it's worth to choose him because he is superb and wonderful lover, i ever known! =)

8. Adakah si dia pernah melamar atau menyatakan hasrat untuk berkahwin dengan anda?
yes!!!! we started talking about this things long ago.. memang at our first perkenalan dulu pun, he said he want to be my boyfriend because he want me to be his wife. sooooo, i was shock.. and yaa, he kept the promise till now. andddd... now, we are engaged.. and will get married sooner! so pray for us!

9. Tarikh paling bermakna antara anda dengan si dia? kenapa?
mm.. i have no specific date to be meaningful.. but just to mention that May, august, October and December are our love's month! 1st May is our official date as a lover. August because our engagement is at 1st August. October is because we were both born in October, and December because.... we are getting married in December!!! yeaayyyyy!! ok. excited!

10. Andakah anda pasti dia adalah jodoh anda?
InsyaAllah.. with Allah's permission and will, i hope he will be my last-love..and the long lasting love.. aminn..

11. Sejauhmana anda mengenali pasangan anda?
i knew a lot about him. His background, current history, family, friend, favorite, etc. i am not going to dig everything about him but i promise to learn him because i chose him to be with me for the rest of my life. InsyaAllah.. 

ok. that's all for today.