Sunday, September 28, 2014



Its been a month i was here. New place, new workplace, co-workers, environment, foods, culture... yes, everything is new to me now.. i don't mean to be racism, yes i was here for 3 years before during my degree..its just a bit weird when i come here for working, not studying.. its seems awkward, for being away with my family, fiance, pets and life in Sabah. everything was left there, and i am here for new life, and new job. 

i was an educator aka tutor, researcher and coach before this. Teaching and coaching, researching are all my life.. but now, when i shifted into this job, its was like.. very unfamiliar and rushing. i need to learn everything and catch up my tasks here.. now that i became a boss to my staffs, its seemed so odd and hesitate feeling to instruct them to do this,this and this.. because they are senior to me, i just came here for a month, and they were working here for years, more than 5-6 years i say. and its not like myself, to ask them to do a simple things that i commit i could do.. 

when i first came here, i met some friends.. my senior became my friend, and that i am so grateful to know them. They help me to catch up everything, and teach me about the job. You know, job as a boss, researcher, physiologist and educator are not easy.. but what i do here is all of these.. i am became a leader to my department, i am doing research study while doing administrative tasks, doing clinical testing and physiology to the athletes and a very new task is educating other staffs here. Okay, this is my working scope. isn't it exciting? amazing? or what??? what i can say now is.. office will be my second home after this. ngeee.

okay, stop talking about working. 

i am actually have thing to think about.. which is my M******* that will coming soon. Yes, another two months to go and i am here like a PM, busy doing this and that, and no time to manage for my big day. arggghhhh. but thanks to my family, for being so consideration and responsible for my big day.. i love my family!

okay. that's all from me. daaaaa.

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