Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Love My Job;

i am currently away from my families, hometown, my fiance and everything i used to love. Away from my university and my car. i was taking a risk to work away from everything i have planned for all this time.. sadness, lonely, longing.. everything makes me feel sad.. but life is worth to explore.. it's not me,who planned out this way.. deep down to my heart, i am still sane to think about my future.. this is God's will..and this is my faith..and i am so grateful for what i have.. so please be rational with professionalism... for that, thank Allah for this way.. alhamdulillah...

i love my job! really, i love it!

'cause i am a woman, please don't underestimate me.. for now i have given a chance to be leader to my department, and there's a lot of things i need to catch up, to learn and practice.. to be frank, i was down before, i just realized that i am too young to be a boss for my staffs.. they have been working here for years and suddenly came me, at this young age, with no fully experiences in this field, become their leader. oh Ya Allah, this is a challenge.. You gave me opportunity to take over such a brilliant position, and now You're testing me if i could make it,or not.... Ya Allah, please make me at ease...
But again, life is worth living.. when i was like..wanted to give up, Allah gave me a courage and opened my eyes to see the world clearly.. i could see the opportunity in front of me.. there is a reason why i'd chose to be here.. so i closed my eyes, praying for Allah's forgiveness, for being so irrational and forgot His gift to me.. just when i realize thing is not really difficult like i thought. i slowly climbs up the mountain..with passionate and patience.. and now, i am a step forward to my self-actualization.. and that's i realize that i love my job with wholeheart.. Alhamdulilah..

so bravo! i am so bravo! 


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