Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The coming;

Months ago i decided not to think about getting into serious relationship as long as i am still studying. I tried so hard to distract my mind from getting into nuptial thing. But somehow i try, the more intense it become to myself.
One day i went back to my hometown and someone knelt to the ground, asking me to be his queen. I was so shock i can't imagine what should i do at the moment. I lost control, can't think properly.But one thing i remembered about him is, there is no one will love me the way he does.. That's make me believe that my choice is correct. So i gave him a word, and he promised me to keep the word until his last breath.
So last Sunday, his family came to see me, and asked me for his son's favor... And my family finally accepted it with wholeheart. So grateful to say, it went well and smooth. Alhamdulillah.

So Ramadhan is going to leave us, and Syawal will come. I found myself feeling so nervous day after day. And it become intense whenever the Aidilfitri's songs heard. And yes, the time is coming around, i am so blurred. My life became busy and i have no idea where my mind is. It's rarely for me to feel this way, and gosh, i am dead to the ground! :-)

However, the preparation is still in progress, gifts and decorations have been bought.. Just now, i need to decorate the centerpieces, veil and etc. Oh Allah, please make it easy for me to handle this situation. Please let me strong to face the challenge that might come to us.

I am so speechless and blurred right now. I still can't think properly about how i am going to react and act the MY DAy. What i need now is our prays. Please pray for us, dear bloggers.
Thank you and Selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri.