Friday, May 9, 2014

ooh hii!

Just for a second, i thought about writing something here. just a few things to share ya.

# i am so busy; too preoccupied with own stuffs thing.

# i have no holiday breaks since i've a lot of works need to be done before June.

# i become super-active; used to exercise myself for everyday. Went to jog and walk, then speed for an hour for every day; the never-forget-thing- aerobic dance for all genres, play soccer, and etc.

# i've became hectic with my research study; projects; programs; etc. so no time with family, pets and boyfriend, probably.

# lastly is, i love reading my ebook collection. need to finish my task asap so that i can read up all the series of Nicholas collection.

so that's all for today. Bye!

p/s going to watch and play soccer tonight with a bunch of friends (staffs) here. yeayyy!!!!


tity said...

even you are busy with your work, still have time for your favourite one.. I like you able to do such thing.

Armstrong said...

Oh no, no holiday breaks. Well, hope you're coping well. :)