Wednesday, April 16, 2014

i am so simple.

if you find me hardly, then it gives meaning that we are not meant to be...
but if you fond to know me, just be a gentle-man, not a man-down.

mere texts and letters will not brings you to anywhere. even not in my atmosphere.
you're no way to close with me. if you want to persuade me with your sweet words,
then you're no different to other guys i've known outside there.

let say, if you can catch my eyes, and my attention, you're the winner over the others.

but to tell you the truth, you might be a winner over them, but you're not winning my heart literally.

why? because i am the difficult and hard girl you'll ever find, if you dare to bet me.

so stop talking about getting closer to me, because i will never give you even a reason why i must let you to get close to me.

that's all from me.

Happy always! peace no war.