Monday, February 17, 2014


we are in the middle of February. I guess this month is loaded with surprises and love, right?
yaa, mostly couples waiting for this month to give present and express their love to the lover because this month is a Love month, right? so how your Valentine Day? Must  be sweet, I thought.
*just to mention here, I am not celebrating Valentine Day.
For those celebrating Valentine day, Happy Valentine Day to you and your lover. There must  be a quality and meaningful time with your lover, right? But for the Muslims, we are not allowed to celebrate this day because it is forbidden. But that doesn't mean we can't give present and love to our partner ya, we can still make their days by giving love, or present, but the most important thing is, the attention given to your partner. Just like me, and my dear NJ, everyday is a Love day for us, we don't give a damn, but we give love and attention to both of us. Love is wonderful.
ok, stop talking about love,
I am now refers to my jobs as a educator and trainer. As new semester has begun, means that I am going back to my normal life, going to teach and train students, give tutorials and assignments, practicum, and so forth. Everything is new but the students. I will face new students for every new semester, the challenge I must say, but to give my best to them is my priority right now. Just, I pray Allah will bless me and make me easy for everything. Aminn.
Talk about new plan, I have plan to compose duet song and sing it with preferred guy. I have two duet songs so far, and I a looking for a partner to sing together with me. I think I've meet some guys, hopefully it'll works! and my business as a personal trainer, just to mention here that I am still attached to my part time job as a personal trainer but not in Herbalife.I am going to open a class for Aerobic dance, especially for Zumba Fitness, and meditation is one of the content. People who involved themselves in Herbalife is stronger, I can't survive with Herbalife because of my  hectic time and some personal matter, but people can still order products with me whenever they want. Just to say, Bravo herbalifers! goodluck!
okey, I might stop here. something important and urgent need to care about. Happy go lucky people outside there. may god bless you. bye!
p/s We don't need to find a perfect person to complete our life, but find someone who can make your life perfect when you're with them, though. I have one. and I love him too.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

it's a bless i'd say to have such a long holiday breaks at this moment.

i misses my hometown but i should delay my coming because i still have debate tournament and interview here. Hope that this fever flu won't effect my performance throughout the important day.

wish me luck all my friends!

Happy February 2014!