Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New year 2014!!!

i have thought to delete my blog months ago because i am so busy managing my incredible hectic life. but somehow i thought nothing to do by deleting all the memories inside here. so i decided to let this blog 'alive' and i will keep it until the end. 

however, we just turned into new year. new life, new phase, new self. i am so used to be confident with my life, even when i was at critical zone, i was so strong to fight everything. but nowadays, seems like i can't cope with some issues, conflicts and personal matters. i have been surrounded with responsibilities, too many burden that hits my shoulders. you just have no idea how my life is now. so terrible.

i've been involved myself into some research studies, Malaysia book of records, my own research study, and my lecturer's. guess me what? my strength is going to subside. the heaviness still here even though i am away from my desk. 
Anyway, to get involved in these activities is not really a big problem actually. my real problem is my imagination. i keep thinking about the hardest part of finishing my tasks, without consider it easy. Things become difficult because our mind used to think it difficult. i believe this actually only a mind-hallucination.

So i asked some tips from my senior to cope with this. and she's really helped me a lot. i love her. Now i can feel my strength is going back to me, to increase my confident level and helps me to cope with everything. Thanks to Allah, thanks to my family, friends and boyfriend who always standing here with me. I love you all!


Nurzakiah Hanum said...

happy new year

Michelle Sung said...

I'm not good either about handling my own problems but here's my favourite words, never worry much about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. today's trouble is enough for today. hehe cheers! :D

ANA said...

chill and relax ah dear? :) everything will go as smooth as you can never imagined. hihi

beaty said...

happy new year yan.. mcm sa juga ni mcm mau delete blog ni... lagi2 hosting ni sndri ni mcm sa mau pinda balik d blogspot

Winnie Irene said...

keep your blog ar dear.. hehe.. once in a while it feels good just to read back on what you've been through previously.you'll find yourself suddenly laughing remembering that moments. naah! kurang sda stress. hehe. same dear. new year, new responsbilities. but then, all the best! you'll be just fine. :)