Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Teaching class for this semester 1 already done!

These pictures were taken during our last session on this semester. They are grown up with good soft-skills and i am not going to teach them anymore on next semester. I hope that they will apply the information, knowledge and skills i have provided to them.

Good-luck and bravo to all  my students!

with group 1 students. they are awesome!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Salam Maulidur. 

i am currently at Sandakan, looking for a great place to throw out all my burdens.*(I am not sure if Sandakan is the best place for me to release my tension). To be truth, i was tired and burnt out of my daily life, went to here and there, and i was surprised that today is already 13th January 2014. I just started everything on first of January and now already 13th?? oo, time passed so fast. i hope that i can catch up everything before February because i am going to implement my thesis treatment started on February.

I don't know what best here in Sandakan, i already been here for 3 days since last weekend for some reasons. First, my task in UMS Sandakan. Second, to release my tension. Third, to attend for an interview. Since tomorrow is our public holiday, i would like to say, Salam Maulidur to all muslims and muslimahs. Happy holiday to us. But still i have no holiday tomorrow. Job is job. 

Lastly, i am waiting for the surprise from NJ for our anniversary #5. Anyway, thanks to him for loving me that much, i am sorry because i always busy with my life. You still the one, and always on the top of my life. InsyaAllah.

Sunday, January 12, 2014


Life is fair.

i am about to give up  my life when i have this miserable things in my life. But life is fair, God knows the strength you have and HE never let you down because of that horrible things. i am glad for being patient with all of this and now i am just step closer to the peak of satisfaction. Good thing happen when we are about to give up after putting all effort on something, i'd say it's a bless from Allah for giving me such a strong heart and soul to face anything in my life. Alhamdulillah.

i am ready for the next challenge in my life. Please be alert and standby, dear body and mind. we are going to fight the storm from head to toe. and i will never let my guard down. InsyaAllah.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy New year 2014!!!

i have thought to delete my blog months ago because i am so busy managing my incredible hectic life. but somehow i thought nothing to do by deleting all the memories inside here. so i decided to let this blog 'alive' and i will keep it until the end. 

however, we just turned into new year. new life, new phase, new self. i am so used to be confident with my life, even when i was at critical zone, i was so strong to fight everything. but nowadays, seems like i can't cope with some issues, conflicts and personal matters. i have been surrounded with responsibilities, too many burden that hits my shoulders. you just have no idea how my life is now. so terrible.

i've been involved myself into some research studies, Malaysia book of records, my own research study, and my lecturer's. guess me what? my strength is going to subside. the heaviness still here even though i am away from my desk. 
Anyway, to get involved in these activities is not really a big problem actually. my real problem is my imagination. i keep thinking about the hardest part of finishing my tasks, without consider it easy. Things become difficult because our mind used to think it difficult. i believe this actually only a mind-hallucination.

So i asked some tips from my senior to cope with this. and she's really helped me a lot. i love her. Now i can feel my strength is going back to me, to increase my confident level and helps me to cope with everything. Thanks to Allah, thanks to my family, friends and boyfriend who always standing here with me. I love you all!