Saturday, November 30, 2013


Love. Ambitious. Happiness. Future.

These things are going to kill me inside. i was in the middle of situation. i am the one who making decision, either to proceed or just stop it. but i can't just stop it here, because this will affects people surrounding me. 
i know its hurt to force someone who really into us to leave us and just ignore everything that happened.
But this will never be us. i promise i will never repeat the same mistakes i've done before.

I was thinking to run away from what i had, but this will kills me eventually. anyway, i am leaving soon, to the place i never think i will be there. But this is the truth, my family keeps asking me to stay here but it's not me who decide it. Soon time will come and that day, no one can stop me from stepping out from here. 

Just now, what i have to do is keep praying and asking Allah for the best of me. I have so many choices, but none of these could stop me from achieving my dream. 

Love will always with us, love make me stronger and be ambitious, that brings me to happiness for the brilliant future. Amin.

I love myself.


tity said...

pergi mana..?

Aemy Nadira said...

be strong dear! keep praying & never lose hope