Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hii alll!

dear all my followers, thanks for the wishes on my birthday. Happy Eid-Adha 2013 for you all too.=)
October is such a 'mine' month, which is full of love, success and lucky to me.

Since we are still in October, so i would say Happy birthday to me, and my dear Noorlizam Jamlee for our #25 birthday.

09 october 2013

15 october 2013

 on our celebration.

Thanks for the treat dear. you always know my favorite things/foods/ports.

and also,

thanks for choosing and proposing me to be your life-partner for the rest of your life.
i always appreciate it.

the awaited moment is coming soon. 2014 will be our unforgettable year. InsyaAllah.


Winnie Irene said...

still not too late i guess. happy birthday dear and of course to ur loved one too. hehe. and yes, congrats in advance for the proposal. wishing you both all the best in life. cheers*

Michelle Sung said...

Hey there October babies! Happy birthday to both of you! :D

Aemy Nadira said...

25?? but you look 20! hehe. stay beautiful & healthy dear ;)