Thursday, October 10, 2013



09/10/13 is my birthday.

Happy birthday #25 to myself

i have a great time with my boyfriend. having special dinner at somewhere, and having a cup of tea with a cheese cake made of secret recipe at the midnight, *of course my favorite part is always the cheese and he knows that.

just a day before my birthday, the night before the birthday, my bf's car have been broken. so his mood was not really good, but in just a few minutes before the clock turn into 12am, he came to my house, with a cake while sang 'happy birthday' to me. i was surprised, didn't expect to have this surprise from him, as his mood is not good until now. but he managed to make it,he want to make me happy.

i remembered last-night when he brought me to have our candle light dinner. he told me how much he love me, and feel grateful for having me with him for all this time. i am happy, of course i am happy to hear his confession. i dont want to miss this thing, when he said we will be together, sooner. 

thank you dear, i will waiting for that.

anyway, my teaching classes already started since a month ago. been teaching a degree students, while pursuing my master. insyaAllah, after a year i will further my study into Phd level. my classes are awesome, the students are impressive. all of them are educated, it wont take all my energy to teach them. they are all good, easy to communicate and teachable.

what else?

ohh, nextweek is my darling's birthday. i dont know what gift to give him oo. but i think, 'a formal acceptance' should be enough for him. i means, an acceptance to be his official *******....hehe. ok enough.

should have a rest now. 

goodnite all. sweetdream. xoxo.


Nurzakiah Hanum said...


에블린 헨리 타 (Rie) said...

Happy birthday 25th Eyan. God bless you & your beloved one. :) Regards, Henrietta

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

thank you dear @Nurzakiah Hanum and @ Rie..

may god blessing you..=)

Tom Rungitom said...

Happy Belated Cakeday! :D