Sunday, September 22, 2013


i was thinking to create a new environment, which is more conducive and comfortable, to help my brain to be more creative and relieve from stressful circumstances, where i put all my words and ideas in that situation.

i really want it. To change everything, to leave everything that interferes my mind, and to have everything that i wanted in my life.

now i almost there. the thing i called self-actualization was in my hand actually. i was near to the satisfaction. just, the thing is, i am the one who always keep procrastinating the need and urgent calling of my priority. i always delayed by the distraction. like attention, responsibility, commitment, and etc.

now i think i am sick. i really need help.

i shouldn't ask anyone to keep asking me why this,why that. i should ask my own self. For why i do this, why i should do that, how, and etc. not anybody, but me.

you think change is easy like jumping from the bed to the floor?

sometime small thing can be more hard and complicated than big matter. the important thing is, the DREAM and GOAL that you have fixed in your life, without the proper planning and action, we will never be there, we are nothing without god's blessing too.

so don't just keep saying and criticism yourself, chin up dear, be strong and keep moving on the planning path, just do it Azeanthy!

May Allah bless me well.


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