Saturday, August 31, 2013

final decision;

Just today is a great day, so the weather also good for us to run our roadshow and walk and talk.

i arise at this stage because of my dream, i really want to own a high potential business. i got this one and i am feeling good and confident on it. Too dilly too lazy to think my student life will come back on nextweek, many things to think and care about, Thesis and job to coach and lecture students. God, i am not complaining, i just want to express my feelings and feels good at the moment. 

i love with my business in Fitclub International, we have learned and taught many things, especially personal development things, but what can i say, i still need to study and work with government, otherwise they will sue me and need me to pay rm100,000 for the JPA. okay. *susah juga jadi pelajar tajaan JPA ni, anything is good and comfortable at first, suddenly change to worry and scary in the end. okay fine.

anyway, in two months, i already opened a fitclub in Hospital Ranau, so i used to open a Nutrition club there, for every thursday i will perform a fitness exercise with them. feeling good to help people outside there. next target is for the charity. InsyaAllah. 

just to share something today,
i already took Herbalife product for two months. proud to say i am happy with the changes happened to myself. i became super-active and very attractive. Aisehmennnn!! hahhaa.
but you all, i tell you the truth, once you take this product, you actually helping your body to be more energetic,amazing and wonderful!so why not you just try it, and feel the difference??i bet you will never regret for taking it as a routine in your life. like me. hehe.

ok, stop writing now. start working with you dream! chayok Azeanthy! 

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