Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big & Abundance;

Peace be upon you.

waaaaa..its been months i left my blogging activity just because i was moving up.=)

ok, make it short story.

# Awal mei dulu i came back to my hometown because i decided to quit my master in UiTM and transfer to UMS sabah. Alhamdulillah,everything went well. who want to reject the offer kan, just like i've mentioned before, UMS is just near to my home in UCA, i have my own transport, so i can drive myself to UMS anytime i want to. Close with my family, friends, especially my special boyfriend, it's a bad idea to be apart from them right. so i moved out to Sabah for that.

# as soon as i was here, i found myself is too dilemma. i even don't know which one job i should accept, because there are so many offers i have been offered. so i need to think it properly, don't be rush. but so far, i am more interested to have my own business than works under 'people', ya, you get me right??

so i decided to have my own business, with flexible time and place, to many people. don;t need to rush yourself to work with government sector, one day in future, you may regret for that. my strong opinion is, works urself for private first before you jump out to government sector. Experience and satisfaction are the most crucial things you should gain and get before you quit form anything. ok.

# i got offers to be a tutor at many places in Sabah, yes i accepted it, but i still don't get it, why i should engage myself only to them, why not to other fields that i love the most, for instance, business. i love business okey. 

okay, the conclusion is, i have a Pengesahan Jawatan exam by this saturday. and i am so tired to read and look up my note. but thinking about satisfaction, yeah, im going to do the very best of me. so bravo!!