Monday, April 29, 2013

me happy;

i think i have mentioned that i was continuing my master in UiTM Shah alam right now before this ya?
yups, now its almost two months i have been here and came back to the miserable life as a student. i have been trouble a lot, but also happy here, up and down, fluctuated like a wavelength...i am just too tired and weary to face anything like these.i always pray for Allah to make me easy in everything i do...

so many things happened, like bla bla bla..i just can't explain it in single way..

anyway, let me make it short story..

one day ago, i just got good new from University Malaysia Sabah, that i have been accepted to be their student in Master of Education in Sport science by research starting this coming august. it's a blast right??!!!i means, who want to reject the offer, *sudahlah dapat di tempat sendiri,dekat dengan rumah di University Condo Apartment Jalan Sulaman, ada kenderaan sendiri pula, then ada kerja yang boleh tampung perbelanjaan every months, plus dekat dengan family, and orang tersayang! sapa yang tidak mahu kan????

so with heartfelt, i broke this new to my family. they were happy and asked me to come back to sabah as soon as possible. and jobs are waiting for me in Sabah. so who want to push away the REZEKI and chances given by Allah and UMS to me right??

now i am so family and friends all were happy for the new, especially my bakal tuttttt.....*ehemm.
*means that semua planning masa depan akan berjalan dengan lancar, mudah dan Alhamdulillah, dalam keadaan aman damai dan bahagia. Syukur Ya Allah.

so i am going back to my hometown for the vote and jobs interview on this Friday.
wish me lucky yaa. i love working as a consultant and lecturer. so please bless me Allah.

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