Wednesday, March 6, 2013

of challenge;

Peace be upon you,

its been a month since my last update yaa.
nevermind, now i am back with a short writing i guess.

today is my day 3# for coming into classes as a master student. Last-night course a.k.a Sport Psychology by Dr Vincent impressed me to be thoughtful and independent as we have lots of assignments to finish for each subject. to tell you truth, i am glad that we don't need to sit for final exam started on this semester until next next semester. it is a glad right??but the syllabus won't be same like before. we got to do a lot of assignments, and article reviews within 14 weeks, tests and presentations, and the last but not least, a thesis.

for each subject, we have to create a research proposal and full thesis will be assessed throughout the semester. The burden to stay up revising chapters at night for final exam would be less, but the time that we should sacrifices to review journals, finish a mini project/research, assignments and tests should be more than anything. As Dr vincent said lastnight, we are not a Diploma or Degree student, no final examination will be arranged to us, but we have to do lots of assignments and researches as we were trained to be a lecturer!!!. God, i feel tensed, but excited at the meantime! so this going to be a challenge for us.

Okay, i will stop here. Searching and browsing for journals and articles should be focused right now.
keep strong and be smart Azeanthy!!you can do it, like always!

May god blessing us.