Tuesday, March 12, 2013


i was like blurred and hopeless of looking something new and extra-ordinary in my life currently. 
i have no idea how and what topic i should pick up for my research study and you have no idea how devastated and exhausted i was before. 

but suddenly the light came into my life, and unlimited ideas have came after me to full my wish and fill my hope. i was suddenly like a new person, i woke up after a down, i rose up after i buried down. God, this is what people called 'a grateful and bless'. Alhamdulillah.

let's me tell you something,
i was in Degree of sport science before, i just finished my degree study but not yet graduate (convocation) and now i am taking Master of Sport Science in UiTM Shah alam. During my degree study, people kept asking me why i chose Sport Science,why not Nursing? FYI, i was an ex-staff nurse, i got to work as a nurse 3 years ago before i decided to switch my study in Sport Science. i just want to combine my knowledge in medical with Sport, that's why i chose to further my study in Sport Science.*Just to let you know, i am not totally switched off my nursing area as now i was registered under Malaysian Nursing board, i've make a retention for my license. that's mean i still can work in nursing area after i finish my study. 

ok, just after i have registered myself in Sport Science, one of my lecturer asked me to join them for Sport medical courses. i always know i came into Sport science because i want to combine my basic medical with sport, so i decided to join them. we came and spreads out our 'wing' to the outside, we make plan to create a Sport medicine course in our faculty. so this is what i am just now. i helped them and gave talk to people about sport injury and the treatment, and so on. its just happening and i love it.

Now i was studying in Master study, i have chosen to take Sport medicine/Sport injury as my area of study. i know i can do it, that's my lecturer's hope. i wish i can help him. but once again, i feel like something interferes my mind, my interest. i just want to learn something new in my life, i want to learn something about our body responses to the hormones, nutrients, bloods and physiological changes in our body. and just now i feel like wanna switches my area into nutrition as well. Damn it!!! 

Huh. i can't think more than praying to Allah so He can help me and give me a better choice in my life. 

Ya Allah, please give me a courage and strength to face any obstacles throughout my life. i need your guide, i need your bless. 

i don't need anything, but ALLAH.


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