Saturday, March 9, 2013

a quote;

'Tell me what condition it is, i am surely will go through it confidently'

i remembered my lecturer said once back in 2009, she told me the hardest thing that she had been through was during her master study. the spirit of hers to be a lecturer encouraged herself to be strong and independent. she was lost and grieving for having financial problem during that time. she even didn't take outside meals to fill her hunger stomach. and she drunk lots of water to make her stomach full. seriously, this would make me cry and sad to think. how could she held to survive herself in master level when she was like in border?? she is my inspiration for too long.

to be truth, i was shocked with my current life as i thought it is my first time of having financial problem throughout my study. i am glad that i still have my family and boyfriend that helps me to keep survive here. moreover everything, i am honestly saying that they are the important people in my life. the support that they give me when i up and down, fall and stand and success. i wouldn't be here if they're not.

frankly say, i can just leave my study and back to my hometown anytime if i wish, but i won't do that because of their hopes and expectations towards me. do you think i'm okay with this? honestly i'm not okay. i'm tired and tensed for the challenges i need to go through after all but i will never do that because i know i'm not that weaken and lost just because everything changing.

Hence, that's will be one of my inspiration to keep holding myself here. i will keep holding here.

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Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

We all always support what you do dear...never stop praying...May Allah give you a confront everything that come into your matter what'll find your way dear..take care dear..steady and chill..=) love u..=)