Sunday, January 20, 2013

The choice;

hii peeps!

*this is a prologue.

its been 3weeks we were in new year 2013. as overall, what i can say about 2012 is kind, and helpful, for sure. didn't give me too much troubles but i thought it taught me a lot throughout the past years. i learnt a lot of thing and been exposed to thing i never experienced. 

Sweet, sour, bitter and painful, i have done with all those thing and now i think i am strong enough tt face any of them intensively for many time. i don't want to forget all of it anyway as stories are as unique as every people have their own stories. i love mostly my memories on past year, 'cause mostly the ending of my stories is a surprise to me. Past year has given me a chance to build a rapport and firm relationship with other parties too. of course it would change my life in the end.

as now we stepped into new year, i pledged myself to try the best of me, for my postgraduate on this March, and a big congratulations to myself too for finishing my degree successfully. well this year something happening and crucial will up. All waiting for me and i am seriously excited for its. Postgraduate is one of its, another is my relationship with NJ. Next year is the peak of ours.With Allah's permission. amin.

p/s Sesungguhnya memfitnah itu sangat dimurkai Allah. i have been through lots of awkward and dreadful thing with heartfelt thanks, but when it come to FITNAH, i was annoyed to think why people did it on me. Seriously, i don;t care if she would tell other that i'm trying to steal his fiance or boyfriend or what, the thing is Allah knows everything what inside and outside of me. its nonsense for me ok. i have my boy and my own world. so Its really nonsense. 

Last but not least, thanks god for giving me chance and such a great opportunities to have a job, owning a new car, good relationship with family and boyfriend (pre-fiancee), a good side career for side income atleast, and the latest is, a postgraduate academic. thanks for all. 

i am happy with my life. i am happy with my present life and i am not going to turn back again. thank you.