Thursday, December 19, 2013


Dear blog,

i am sorry for being so forgetful about you. i know i am supposed to care much about you, but i think i can't make it anymore because of who i am now. For that, i am sorry if one day in future, i have no courage to keep you active thus needs to delete you from my list. i was never mean to leave and destroy you, but maybe this is the best solution, though. 

anyway, i am not going to delete you for now. In future if i think i can't afford you, then it'll MUST be. 

so long, goodbye!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Life is like a journey. We need to explore the world in order to learn more. somehow we are going to up and down, happy and sad, sweet and bitter. But this is what people call as a learning process. The more we feel the pain, the more adventure and meaningful of life is. 

What i want to say to express my feeling is,

have a safe journey dear friends!


Saturday, November 30, 2013


Love. Ambitious. Happiness. Future.

These things are going to kill me inside. i was in the middle of situation. i am the one who making decision, either to proceed or just stop it. but i can't just stop it here, because this will affects people surrounding me. 
i know its hurt to force someone who really into us to leave us and just ignore everything that happened.
But this will never be us. i promise i will never repeat the same mistakes i've done before.

I was thinking to run away from what i had, but this will kills me eventually. anyway, i am leaving soon, to the place i never think i will be there. But this is the truth, my family keeps asking me to stay here but it's not me who decide it. Soon time will come and that day, no one can stop me from stepping out from here. 

Just now, what i have to do is keep praying and asking Allah for the best of me. I have so many choices, but none of these could stop me from achieving my dream. 

Love will always with us, love make me stronger and be ambitious, that brings me to happiness for the brilliant future. Amin.

I love myself.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dear lovely and handsome followers;

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hii peeps!

i am sorry i am too preoccupied i even have no time to write an entry, its hard for me to have blog-walking though. i hope you all will always be okay dear. i am quite busy, my time was hectic like always. But i never forget to scroll your blogs, and reads up your wonderful writing. i just ave no time to reply your comments and make any comments on your blogs. i am sorry for that.

anyway i am doing well so far. things happened up and down, thick and thin but i can always encounter it. Thank you for the wish anyway. i am so happy right. so let enjoy our happiness altogether.

p/s miss you all my loyal follower. =)

Saturday, October 19, 2013


Hii alll!

dear all my followers, thanks for the wishes on my birthday. Happy Eid-Adha 2013 for you all too.=)
October is such a 'mine' month, which is full of love, success and lucky to me.

Since we are still in October, so i would say Happy birthday to me, and my dear Noorlizam Jamlee for our #25 birthday.

09 october 2013

15 october 2013

 on our celebration.

Thanks for the treat dear. you always know my favorite things/foods/ports.

and also,

thanks for choosing and proposing me to be your life-partner for the rest of your life.
i always appreciate it.

the awaited moment is coming soon. 2014 will be our unforgettable year. InsyaAllah.

Thursday, October 10, 2013



09/10/13 is my birthday.

Happy birthday #25 to myself

i have a great time with my boyfriend. having special dinner at somewhere, and having a cup of tea with a cheese cake made of secret recipe at the midnight, *of course my favorite part is always the cheese and he knows that.

just a day before my birthday, the night before the birthday, my bf's car have been broken. so his mood was not really good, but in just a few minutes before the clock turn into 12am, he came to my house, with a cake while sang 'happy birthday' to me. i was surprised, didn't expect to have this surprise from him, as his mood is not good until now. but he managed to make it,he want to make me happy.

i remembered last-night when he brought me to have our candle light dinner. he told me how much he love me, and feel grateful for having me with him for all this time. i am happy, of course i am happy to hear his confession. i dont want to miss this thing, when he said we will be together, sooner. 

thank you dear, i will waiting for that.

anyway, my teaching classes already started since a month ago. been teaching a degree students, while pursuing my master. insyaAllah, after a year i will further my study into Phd level. my classes are awesome, the students are impressive. all of them are educated, it wont take all my energy to teach them. they are all good, easy to communicate and teachable.

what else?

ohh, nextweek is my darling's birthday. i dont know what gift to give him oo. but i think, 'a formal acceptance' should be enough for him. i means, an acceptance to be his official *******....hehe. ok enough.

should have a rest now. 

goodnite all. sweetdream. xoxo.

Sunday, September 22, 2013


i was thinking to create a new environment, which is more conducive and comfortable, to help my brain to be more creative and relieve from stressful circumstances, where i put all my words and ideas in that situation.

i really want it. To change everything, to leave everything that interferes my mind, and to have everything that i wanted in my life.

now i almost there. the thing i called self-actualization was in my hand actually. i was near to the satisfaction. just, the thing is, i am the one who always keep procrastinating the need and urgent calling of my priority. i always delayed by the distraction. like attention, responsibility, commitment, and etc.

now i think i am sick. i really need help.

i shouldn't ask anyone to keep asking me why this,why that. i should ask my own self. For why i do this, why i should do that, how, and etc. not anybody, but me.

you think change is easy like jumping from the bed to the floor?

sometime small thing can be more hard and complicated than big matter. the important thing is, the DREAM and GOAL that you have fixed in your life, without the proper planning and action, we will never be there, we are nothing without god's blessing too.

so don't just keep saying and criticism yourself, chin up dear, be strong and keep moving on the planning path, just do it Azeanthy!

May Allah bless me well.


Friday, September 20, 2013

Drop by;


I've been busy with study and tutor-ing so have no longer free time for blogging activity.

Study, Job, Business, Personal matter, Relationship, Dreams.

You know, all these things, if we don't have proper time management in life, i can guarantee you a FAILURE! in order to avoid a failure, i alarm you to plan and manage your time and things though.

Yet, the moment you get a job, a fav job i must say, you must be very happy and excited for your life, right?

yaaa, it happens to me. i really love my work, i am tutor-ing and train my student to be a good person in their life. i am okey with all of this as long as i love my job.

Thanks god for the REZEKI.


Saturday, August 31, 2013

final decision;

Just today is a great day, so the weather also good for us to run our roadshow and walk and talk.

i arise at this stage because of my dream, i really want to own a high potential business. i got this one and i am feeling good and confident on it. Too dilly too lazy to think my student life will come back on nextweek, many things to think and care about, Thesis and job to coach and lecture students. God, i am not complaining, i just want to express my feelings and feels good at the moment. 

i love with my business in Fitclub International, we have learned and taught many things, especially personal development things, but what can i say, i still need to study and work with government, otherwise they will sue me and need me to pay rm100,000 for the JPA. okay. *susah juga jadi pelajar tajaan JPA ni, anything is good and comfortable at first, suddenly change to worry and scary in the end. okay fine.

anyway, in two months, i already opened a fitclub in Hospital Ranau, so i used to open a Nutrition club there, for every thursday i will perform a fitness exercise with them. feeling good to help people outside there. next target is for the charity. InsyaAllah. 

just to share something today,
i already took Herbalife product for two months. proud to say i am happy with the changes happened to myself. i became super-active and very attractive. Aisehmennnn!! hahhaa.
but you all, i tell you the truth, once you take this product, you actually helping your body to be more energetic,amazing and wonderful!so why not you just try it, and feel the difference??i bet you will never regret for taking it as a routine in your life. like me. hehe.

ok, stop writing now. start working with you dream! chayok Azeanthy! 

Friday, August 2, 2013






Thursday, June 20, 2013

Big & Abundance;

Peace be upon you.

waaaaa..its been months i left my blogging activity just because i was moving up.=)

ok, make it short story.

# Awal mei dulu i came back to my hometown because i decided to quit my master in UiTM and transfer to UMS sabah. Alhamdulillah,everything went well. who want to reject the offer kan, just like i've mentioned before, UMS is just near to my home in UCA, i have my own transport, so i can drive myself to UMS anytime i want to. Close with my family, friends, especially my special boyfriend, it's a bad idea to be apart from them right. so i moved out to Sabah for that.

# as soon as i was here, i found myself is too dilemma. i even don't know which one job i should accept, because there are so many offers i have been offered. so i need to think it properly, don't be rush. but so far, i am more interested to have my own business than works under 'people', ya, you get me right??

so i decided to have my own business, with flexible time and place, to many people. don;t need to rush yourself to work with government sector, one day in future, you may regret for that. my strong opinion is, works urself for private first before you jump out to government sector. Experience and satisfaction are the most crucial things you should gain and get before you quit form anything. ok.

# i got offers to be a tutor at many places in Sabah, yes i accepted it, but i still don't get it, why i should engage myself only to them, why not to other fields that i love the most, for instance, business. i love business okey. 

okay, the conclusion is, i have a Pengesahan Jawatan exam by this saturday. and i am so tired to read and look up my note. but thinking about satisfaction, yeah, im going to do the very best of me. so bravo!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary Day;

Dear my NJ,

As today is our first day in May 2013, so Happy Anniversary Day to our wonderful relationship. You're my wonderful special boyfriend, yet the greatest friend of mine. You could be my brother, also my teacher. you are my torchlight that lightening my way since we known each other.

its almost 4 years we were together as a lover, but i remembered that day we had discussed to make first May as our officially anniversary love. So today, the day has came for our officially anniversary love. Thanks dear for loving me that much. We got fight with no reasons, we have issues to others, and got into conflicts sometimes, but you never gave up on me and stop loving me. I remembered once in back you said you'll never hurt me, and never stop looking for me, even one day in future i will stop loving you. you just too confident, and strong to face anything just because want to be with me. And until now, you've still loving me, like nobody does. 

Ya Allah, if only people know how lucky i am to have him around me. For loving me that much is unexplained and subjective. He just wonderful and amazing my dear NJ.

i am sorry for making you trouble throughout our know i never intended to make you sad and cry..its just some hormones' activities, that messing up with my body..i am sorry for that...=(

anyway, since today is our anniversary, why not we just celebrate it, and make a wonderful wish to each other, right?? so, happy anniversary day dear...may Allah and our families bless our relationship. May us be professional and more stronger to encounter the challenge afterward...

so here, Happy anniversary day ya. i love you too. thank you so much, i will always appreciate you. 

Noor Azeanthy Binti Paiman

Monday, April 29, 2013

me happy;

i think i have mentioned that i was continuing my master in UiTM Shah alam right now before this ya?
yups, now its almost two months i have been here and came back to the miserable life as a student. i have been trouble a lot, but also happy here, up and down, fluctuated like a wavelength...i am just too tired and weary to face anything like these.i always pray for Allah to make me easy in everything i do...

so many things happened, like bla bla bla..i just can't explain it in single way..

anyway, let me make it short story..

one day ago, i just got good new from University Malaysia Sabah, that i have been accepted to be their student in Master of Education in Sport science by research starting this coming august. it's a blast right??!!!i means, who want to reject the offer, *sudahlah dapat di tempat sendiri,dekat dengan rumah di University Condo Apartment Jalan Sulaman, ada kenderaan sendiri pula, then ada kerja yang boleh tampung perbelanjaan every months, plus dekat dengan family, and orang tersayang! sapa yang tidak mahu kan????

so with heartfelt, i broke this new to my family. they were happy and asked me to come back to sabah as soon as possible. and jobs are waiting for me in Sabah. so who want to push away the REZEKI and chances given by Allah and UMS to me right??

now i am so family and friends all were happy for the new, especially my bakal tuttttt.....*ehemm.
*means that semua planning masa depan akan berjalan dengan lancar, mudah dan Alhamdulillah, dalam keadaan aman damai dan bahagia. Syukur Ya Allah.

so i am going back to my hometown for the vote and jobs interview on this Friday.
wish me lucky yaa. i love working as a consultant and lecturer. so please bless me Allah.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


again, i found the solution for every issue and problem i encountered. 

thanks to Allah, for giving me a chance to provide the best of me, 



Thursday, April 11, 2013


the thing is,

 # i just can't believe i made a decision that could change my life forever. i think Sport medical is always suit to me, but someday i found that i need to deepen my knowledge and area of study into other area, so i can learn as much as possible throughout my master study. so this early morning, i came to our faculty and yes, i have changed my area of study from Sport medical to sport physiology with the combination of sport psychology. how could i am??

but seriously, i wanted to change it, because i was interesting to make a study on hormones, the correlation of the hormone and the behavior, the emotion and the sports. that's made me changed my area of study, for awhile in master level. don't ask me why ok.

# Human motor system is not something easy to implement. we need to implement a mini project and i have chosen to identify the effect of different practice conditions on 9-year old schoolchildren of Sk Seksyen 7 Shah Alam as my participant. do you think it easy to prepare all things before i should coming into school and take over the 6-weeks classes of Physical and Health Education subject??


first, i should get the permission from the ministry of education, and create a formal letter that shows the reason i want to come into a school.
second, i need to get permission from the PPD and the headmaster of the school then only i can proceed my research project at the school.
third, the syllabus of the education i am going to teach the pupils during my attachment.

it's sound easy right? but the fact is i feel miserable and terrible inside.

# i am not going to back to Sabah for awhile since there are lots of things to care about. no holiday for this master level and no time for dilly dallying.

so do you think i have enough time to think about engagement going back to my beautiful-hometown??


so it's devastated and make me exhausted.

but it;s okay. i know i am going to heal my pain and stressful life with the effort and commitment throughout this semester. so nothing to worry. you'll be okay, Azeanthy. keep it up!

Monday, April 8, 2013


Mungkin ada hikmahnya atas segala ujian dan kesukaran yang aku lalui sekarang...tuhan sedang menguji kesabaran dan sejauhmana rasional nya aku dalam meniti hari-hari yang penuh onak duri ini. 

Di telan mati mama, di luah mati bapa.

Saat pelbagai dugaan dan kekeliruan yang melanda, aku yakin tuhan juga tidak mahu membiarkan aku hanyut dalam kesukaran ini, maka Dia selalu hadir dan mengingatkan aku bahawa setiap yang terjadi ini pasti ada hikmah nya. Saat aku merasa kesusahan, pasti akan dibalas kesenangan dan kejayaan yg memuaskan suatu saat nanti.

Janganlah berhenti berdoa dan memohon kepada Nya.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Doa buat kekasih;

Akan ku jejaki dirimu walau kita jauh terpisah.

Segeralah kembalikan ketabahan mu agar hatiku tenang saat kita berjauhan. Percayalah, aku pergi hanya untuk seketika, suatu saat nanti aku akan kembali membawa segulung Ijazah Sarjana yang menjadi harapan mereka semua.

Nantikan kepulangan ku wahai sang kekasih yang jauh di mata,
kau akan sentiasa di hati dan fikiran ku, sepertimana kau jadikan aku sebahagian daripada hidup mu, yang tidak pernah hilang dan lupus dari ingatanmu walau sesaat.

Doakan agar aku kuat dan tabah menghadapi segala rintangan sepanjang kita berjauhan sayang,
yakin lah bahawa hanya kau yang mampu dan layak untuk merangkul cintaku ini. Terima kasih kerana telah hadir dalam hidup ku dulu, dan mencintaiku seadanya aku.

InsyaAllah, saat yang dinantikan itu akan tiba tidak lama lagi. Sepanjang penantian saat itu, hiasilah diri kita dengan peribadi yang indah, sebagai persediaan untuk melangkah ke alam yang seterusnya. InsyaALLAH.
tidak lama lagi.

'Rabbi yassir wala tu 'assir, rabbi tammim bil khoir'


Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Promise;

'our thought is the real limits of possibilities. make it sense. think positively and keep go on your life'


Azeanthy Paiman

p/s *another 15 months to go before the actual graduation. keep go on Azeanthy!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


i was like blurred and hopeless of looking something new and extra-ordinary in my life currently. 
i have no idea how and what topic i should pick up for my research study and you have no idea how devastated and exhausted i was before. 

but suddenly the light came into my life, and unlimited ideas have came after me to full my wish and fill my hope. i was suddenly like a new person, i woke up after a down, i rose up after i buried down. God, this is what people called 'a grateful and bless'. Alhamdulillah.

let's me tell you something,
i was in Degree of sport science before, i just finished my degree study but not yet graduate (convocation) and now i am taking Master of Sport Science in UiTM Shah alam. During my degree study, people kept asking me why i chose Sport Science,why not Nursing? FYI, i was an ex-staff nurse, i got to work as a nurse 3 years ago before i decided to switch my study in Sport Science. i just want to combine my knowledge in medical with Sport, that's why i chose to further my study in Sport Science.*Just to let you know, i am not totally switched off my nursing area as now i was registered under Malaysian Nursing board, i've make a retention for my license. that's mean i still can work in nursing area after i finish my study. 

ok, just after i have registered myself in Sport Science, one of my lecturer asked me to join them for Sport medical courses. i always know i came into Sport science because i want to combine my basic medical with sport, so i decided to join them. we came and spreads out our 'wing' to the outside, we make plan to create a Sport medicine course in our faculty. so this is what i am just now. i helped them and gave talk to people about sport injury and the treatment, and so on. its just happening and i love it.

Now i was studying in Master study, i have chosen to take Sport medicine/Sport injury as my area of study. i know i can do it, that's my lecturer's hope. i wish i can help him. but once again, i feel like something interferes my mind, my interest. i just want to learn something new in my life, i want to learn something about our body responses to the hormones, nutrients, bloods and physiological changes in our body. and just now i feel like wanna switches my area into nutrition as well. Damn it!!! 

Huh. i can't think more than praying to Allah so He can help me and give me a better choice in my life. 

Ya Allah, please give me a courage and strength to face any obstacles throughout my life. i need your guide, i need your bless. 

i don't need anything, but ALLAH.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

a quote;

'Tell me what condition it is, i am surely will go through it confidently'

i remembered my lecturer said once back in 2009, she told me the hardest thing that she had been through was during her master study. the spirit of hers to be a lecturer encouraged herself to be strong and independent. she was lost and grieving for having financial problem during that time. she even didn't take outside meals to fill her hunger stomach. and she drunk lots of water to make her stomach full. seriously, this would make me cry and sad to think. how could she held to survive herself in master level when she was like in border?? she is my inspiration for too long.

to be truth, i was shocked with my current life as i thought it is my first time of having financial problem throughout my study. i am glad that i still have my family and boyfriend that helps me to keep survive here. moreover everything, i am honestly saying that they are the important people in my life. the support that they give me when i up and down, fall and stand and success. i wouldn't be here if they're not.

frankly say, i can just leave my study and back to my hometown anytime if i wish, but i won't do that because of their hopes and expectations towards me. do you think i'm okay with this? honestly i'm not okay. i'm tired and tensed for the challenges i need to go through after all but i will never do that because i know i'm not that weaken and lost just because everything changing.

Hence, that's will be one of my inspiration to keep holding myself here. i will keep holding here.

day after day;

by days, i was weaken and become tired. i can't push my head to think, i feel like breathless and nausea. feel like wanting to vomit something from my stomach. huh.
i don't think this is a good time for me to stay up and force my brain to think something better and amazing. i should go to sleep before i turn into a zombie.

to think that tomorrow is a Saturday weakens my mind. why Friday is near to Monday??!arghh.

oh, i think i am too sleepy that why i wrote such an emotional writing here. SHOULD take my rest right now. bye.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

of challenge;

Peace be upon you,

its been a month since my last update yaa.
nevermind, now i am back with a short writing i guess.

today is my day 3# for coming into classes as a master student. Last-night course a.k.a Sport Psychology by Dr Vincent impressed me to be thoughtful and independent as we have lots of assignments to finish for each subject. to tell you truth, i am glad that we don't need to sit for final exam started on this semester until next next semester. it is a glad right??but the syllabus won't be same like before. we got to do a lot of assignments, and article reviews within 14 weeks, tests and presentations, and the last but not least, a thesis.

for each subject, we have to create a research proposal and full thesis will be assessed throughout the semester. The burden to stay up revising chapters at night for final exam would be less, but the time that we should sacrifices to review journals, finish a mini project/research, assignments and tests should be more than anything. As Dr vincent said lastnight, we are not a Diploma or Degree student, no final examination will be arranged to us, but we have to do lots of assignments and researches as we were trained to be a lecturer!!!. God, i feel tensed, but excited at the meantime! so this going to be a challenge for us.

Okay, i will stop here. Searching and browsing for journals and articles should be focused right now.
keep strong and be smart Azeanthy!!you can do it, like always!

May god blessing us.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Sunday, January 20, 2013

The choice;

hii peeps!

*this is a prologue.

its been 3weeks we were in new year 2013. as overall, what i can say about 2012 is kind, and helpful, for sure. didn't give me too much troubles but i thought it taught me a lot throughout the past years. i learnt a lot of thing and been exposed to thing i never experienced. 

Sweet, sour, bitter and painful, i have done with all those thing and now i think i am strong enough tt face any of them intensively for many time. i don't want to forget all of it anyway as stories are as unique as every people have their own stories. i love mostly my memories on past year, 'cause mostly the ending of my stories is a surprise to me. Past year has given me a chance to build a rapport and firm relationship with other parties too. of course it would change my life in the end.

as now we stepped into new year, i pledged myself to try the best of me, for my postgraduate on this March, and a big congratulations to myself too for finishing my degree successfully. well this year something happening and crucial will up. All waiting for me and i am seriously excited for its. Postgraduate is one of its, another is my relationship with NJ. Next year is the peak of ours.With Allah's permission. amin.

p/s Sesungguhnya memfitnah itu sangat dimurkai Allah. i have been through lots of awkward and dreadful thing with heartfelt thanks, but when it come to FITNAH, i was annoyed to think why people did it on me. Seriously, i don;t care if she would tell other that i'm trying to steal his fiance or boyfriend or what, the thing is Allah knows everything what inside and outside of me. its nonsense for me ok. i have my boy and my own world. so Its really nonsense. 

Last but not least, thanks god for giving me chance and such a great opportunities to have a job, owning a new car, good relationship with family and boyfriend (pre-fiancee), a good side career for side income atleast, and the latest is, a postgraduate academic. thanks for all. 

i am happy with my life. i am happy with my present life and i am not going to turn back again. thank you.