Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reminder for myself;

its just like awhile i abandoned my blog without any updates.
guess what?i have a lot of stories in my mind, i just can't express it directly to the point.
bytheway, its a pleasure to share something here.

# i have finished my practical session at National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 3 days ago. sound good ya, yeay!!!but at the meantime, how sad to leave Bangi you know, because there are lots of memories i have created there. Bangi, my first coming is grateful, and forever happening. now when i came back to Shah Alam, i felt like missing something here, i missed Bangi, for sure.

# but then, this song i am listening now We'll Coming Back by Calvin Harris lessened my sadness. i know one day i will come back to Bangi. i will get there somehow. p/s just now i feel like dancing, listening to this song. how excited!!!

# i got job-interviews recently. AIMST, KPJ, and currently is NIOSH. and i really have no idea which one i should get first. huh. i let Allah determine anything to me. as He is the best planner in this world...

# its been good to have fun and entertainment with friends sometime. my weekday is just like weekend now. i wake up in the morning, watch movie, surf internet, eat, and sleep anytime i want to. yeayyyyy!!!

# and relationship? i found it's hard to be in a long distance relationship currently. don't know why, i have been years in LDR, but now, i feel it's complicated to love and loved in LDR. i got issues, i got dilemma, and i was confused with my feeling. so please, i should keep my distance from anyone else in this moment.huh.what about broken heart???its nonsense.huh.

# don't know what to say. my thesis is still in progress,and training report so. i should get my evaluation form from my manager as soon as possible. that's all. 

so seemed like i should stop writing here. something need to carry out. so need to catch up all those thing before tomorrow. so long,good bye.=)