Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Latest of me;

Current status;

i am going to be a single.

free from anything.

but then,

don't get me wrong,

what i mean with 'single' here is not with my Mr Soulmate,
but with my thesis and industrial training report.

yups, i am going to break up with my thesis, yeay!!!

so going to complete it within a few days and then.....yeahhh!!!!

so, 2 weeks to go before going back to my hometown, and see my family, friends, and mr soulmate.

please pray for my master application. i have invited to attend an interview for master education 2 weeks ago, now i am looking forward to the announcement and registration. They said, 99% of the candidates that were invited to attend the interview will be absorbed in Master education, so i hope i will be in March 2013.
i can smell it actually, i am sure of it. for sure.hehe.

so i need to be prepared from now. so goodluck to me!=)


with love said...

Hey how are you?
its been so long i nvr visit u.
Master?wow tats good news frm u. i hope u succeed :) wish u luck :)

Just said...

Wow! Gud luck!

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

wow..master yan..Alhamdulillah..good luck will be included in 99% of the candidates that succeed and absorbed in Master.Ameen..=)