Saturday, December 29, 2012

How's going?

Hii Assalamualaikum....

its been awhile ya. been busy preparing my plan for engagement next study actually. i was in planning to experience more in sport medical together with my professor as we have planned to establish and develop a new environment or course in Sport Science field. it's hard you know, being a hope of my prof, and got high expectation from him.

Furthermore, i was engaged with KLIA for aerobic dance session since months ago. what i have done/ do is just designing and providing a program to them, and let's them learn it by themselves. we have two choices whether providing them with full package of aerobic session or just aerobic dance alone. what i mean here is, if we chose to give them a full package, we need to give them a complete program, which is started with a warming up session first, following with aerobic dance ( at least 1 hour), a cooling down session and some PNF a.k.a Prioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching exercises. this usually takes more than 2 hours to complete and of course the payment will be increased too. ops.. if we chose to provide only an aerobic dance alone, then we only provide them with a bunch of aerobic dances. that's all. it's simple and enjoy. right??.

But then, it's hard for me 'cause sometime i have no time to spend with my friends and of course no time for my boyfriend as we are far away. i love to hang out with them but then, that's the sacrifice i should hold on. keep in making effort, and keep it up.

anyway, i don't want to ruin my day today. okey. let's start a story.

we have our Malam Pra-graduan dinner lately, and i was there too. so that night i was lucky as i won a Lucky draw and also a title of Queen of the night, at the meantime. So i got a new phone Nokia, gonna give it to my mum later and a beautiful crown of a princess. i was too lucky right??

so this is the face of the queen myself on that night=)

here i am,
miss Queen of the Night, Noor Azeanthy Binti Paiman

am i too lucky??...i think soo...
because the day after this program, i have been called for master interview. no preparation, no expectation. so i just attended the interview confidently. hope everything gonna be okey.

AND YET, my thesis is still in progress. i have finished it but still need a little editing. so i will only further my study in master after i finished my thesis okey. so don't expect more dulu laaa GOODLUCK to me! so wish  me lucky. byeeee.



Ayuni said...

You are beautiful, good luck for your thesis.....

with love said...

I luv ur eyes ur lips and ur complexion. they r so perfect together. and u r beautiful as ever.

Aerobic??wow u must be busy and i can't help to think myself how are u going to deal wit all tat. however,i wish u gudluck.

Aemy Nadira said...

hey its nice to hear from u again ^^
u're so gorgeous & yes, u deserve to be a queen of the night. i love ur makeup!! ^^

pikir kool said...

hey, are u doing ur msc/phd in sport-medicine?

N.Aima K said...

gd luck sister