Sunday, December 9, 2012


Peace be upon you,

just now i feel no reason to do anything as i got severe back pain after got into car accident yesterday.
Day after tomorrow i am going to teach the student about back pain and now i just got it, oh, how terrified!

its like a miracle when i survived myself from it as many people who witnessed the incident said that i was like 'flying' to the air before i struck the highway divider. me myself also don't know how can i survived from a big crashes without getting worse injury. but then when i woke up on this morning i feel like aching, numbness and painful on my whole body. god please let me getting well..

anyway this is Allah's predetermine, no matter what, it has happened yesterday, i should be grateful and glad that i have survived from a big crash i never get before. so this is a lesson, i need to remember all these thing for the future. i should be alert and be careful on the road,especially on highway.

thanks god, i am glad i still alive now. i still here, pursuing my dream and keep in making effort for my future sake. i am just a small person in this world, i should be thankful for this chance. i will always remember this as a lesson.

Alhamdulillah, i survived it.


Wan Afzan said...

takut je dengar flying2 ni.. thank god no major injury..

Aemy Nadira said...

u got into an accident? omg....wish u're alright dear... :(