Monday, December 31, 2012

Welcome to new year 2013;

- By Noor Azeanthy @ Eyanz Paiman

Queen of the Night 2012

Saturday, December 29, 2012

How's going?

Hii Assalamualaikum....

its been awhile ya. been busy preparing my plan for engagement next study actually. i was in planning to experience more in sport medical together with my professor as we have planned to establish and develop a new environment or course in Sport Science field. it's hard you know, being a hope of my prof, and got high expectation from him.

Furthermore, i was engaged with KLIA for aerobic dance session since months ago. what i have done/ do is just designing and providing a program to them, and let's them learn it by themselves. we have two choices whether providing them with full package of aerobic session or just aerobic dance alone. what i mean here is, if we chose to give them a full package, we need to give them a complete program, which is started with a warming up session first, following with aerobic dance ( at least 1 hour), a cooling down session and some PNF a.k.a Prioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching exercises. this usually takes more than 2 hours to complete and of course the payment will be increased too. ops.. if we chose to provide only an aerobic dance alone, then we only provide them with a bunch of aerobic dances. that's all. it's simple and enjoy. right??.

But then, it's hard for me 'cause sometime i have no time to spend with my friends and of course no time for my boyfriend as we are far away. i love to hang out with them but then, that's the sacrifice i should hold on. keep in making effort, and keep it up.

anyway, i don't want to ruin my day today. okey. let's start a story.

we have our Malam Pra-graduan dinner lately, and i was there too. so that night i was lucky as i won a Lucky draw and also a title of Queen of the night, at the meantime. So i got a new phone Nokia, gonna give it to my mum later and a beautiful crown of a princess. i was too lucky right??

so this is the face of the queen myself on that night=)

here i am,
miss Queen of the Night, Noor Azeanthy Binti Paiman

am i too lucky??...i think soo...
because the day after this program, i have been called for master interview. no preparation, no expectation. so i just attended the interview confidently. hope everything gonna be okey.

AND YET, my thesis is still in progress. i have finished it but still need a little editing. so i will only further my study in master after i finished my thesis okey. so don't expect more dulu laaa GOODLUCK to me! so wish  me lucky. byeeee.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Latest of me;

Current status;

i am going to be a single.

free from anything.

but then,

don't get me wrong,

what i mean with 'single' here is not with my Mr Soulmate,
but with my thesis and industrial training report.

yups, i am going to break up with my thesis, yeay!!!

so going to complete it within a few days and then.....yeahhh!!!!

so, 2 weeks to go before going back to my hometown, and see my family, friends, and mr soulmate.

please pray for my master application. i have invited to attend an interview for master education 2 weeks ago, now i am looking forward to the announcement and registration. They said, 99% of the candidates that were invited to attend the interview will be absorbed in Master education, so i hope i will be in March 2013.
i can smell it actually, i am sure of it. for sure.hehe.

so i need to be prepared from now. so goodluck to me!=)

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Peace be upon you,

just now i feel no reason to do anything as i got severe back pain after got into car accident yesterday.
Day after tomorrow i am going to teach the student about back pain and now i just got it, oh, how terrified!

its like a miracle when i survived myself from it as many people who witnessed the incident said that i was like 'flying' to the air before i struck the highway divider. me myself also don't know how can i survived from a big crashes without getting worse injury. but then when i woke up on this morning i feel like aching, numbness and painful on my whole body. god please let me getting well..

anyway this is Allah's predetermine, no matter what, it has happened yesterday, i should be grateful and glad that i have survived from a big crash i never get before. so this is a lesson, i need to remember all these thing for the future. i should be alert and be careful on the road,especially on highway.

thanks god, i am glad i still alive now. i still here, pursuing my dream and keep in making effort for my future sake. i am just a small person in this world, i should be thankful for this chance. i will always remember this as a lesson.

Alhamdulillah, i survived it.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Reminder for myself;

its just like awhile i abandoned my blog without any updates.
guess what?i have a lot of stories in my mind, i just can't express it directly to the point.
bytheway, its a pleasure to share something here.

# i have finished my practical session at National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 3 days ago. sound good ya, yeay!!!but at the meantime, how sad to leave Bangi you know, because there are lots of memories i have created there. Bangi, my first coming is grateful, and forever happening. now when i came back to Shah Alam, i felt like missing something here, i missed Bangi, for sure.

# but then, this song i am listening now We'll Coming Back by Calvin Harris lessened my sadness. i know one day i will come back to Bangi. i will get there somehow. p/s just now i feel like dancing, listening to this song. how excited!!!

# i got job-interviews recently. AIMST, KPJ, and currently is NIOSH. and i really have no idea which one i should get first. huh. i let Allah determine anything to me. as He is the best planner in this world...

# its been good to have fun and entertainment with friends sometime. my weekday is just like weekend now. i wake up in the morning, watch movie, surf internet, eat, and sleep anytime i want to. yeayyyyy!!!

# and relationship? i found it's hard to be in a long distance relationship currently. don't know why, i have been years in LDR, but now, i feel it's complicated to love and loved in LDR. i got issues, i got dilemma, and i was confused with my feeling. so please, i should keep my distance from anyone else in this moment.huh.what about broken heart???its nonsense.huh.

# don't know what to say. my thesis is still in progress,and training report so. i should get my evaluation form from my manager as soon as possible. that's all. 

so seemed like i should stop writing here. something need to carry out. so need to catch up all those thing before tomorrow. so long,good bye.=)