Sunday, November 4, 2012


i was active in health promotion at several places currently. so many thing happen to me and i can't find someone to share my stories. but it's ok, i will keep it safely.

in two months, i have learnt lots of thing, nothing less, all is more. thanks god. this session really improve my knowledge, experience and skill. Alhamdulillah,one day, i really hope i could apply it when i get a job.Job is waiting for me actually, so i am going to step into a new career within two month. oh, seriously, nervous!!!

so far, i am happy with my life. satisfying, and feel grateful for Allah and myself.
thank you so much for giving me some talents which i consider many of them don't have its. so i love my life.

thank you.=)


Winnie Irene said...

job is waiting for u? wow! that's great dear! all the best then.!:)

jessforshort. said...

Hey there. Glad to know that everything is okay yaa.. have a good day sis ^_^

beaty said...

have a good day yan