Saturday, November 24, 2012

more likely;

Heloo everyone.

i was listening to the Helo song by Karmin when suddenly i remembered my blog. just now i realized i almost forgot about my blogspot! oh so sad. so today i decided to spend a little time to write a short entry here.

what happen to me currently?
i have been offered to work at some places and i found it hard to decide which one position suits with you if you're not fully finish your study. i have many choices to live on my own life. i should seek advise from expertise first, before i can proceed my plan. i have plan A, plan B, and i  never stop thinking of the next plan, i won't stop it until i reach the real of my self-actualization. 

a week to go before i come back to shah alam for my final presentation. and soon after that, i am going to graduate and fully finish my task as a student of Bachelor in UiTM shah alam. i am so excited and thrill about it. i am looking forward to finish my thesis early than the allocated date we suppose to submit our thesis.

and January 2013 actually is a new life in my existence. i am actually in KIV for a position in sabah, one of the workplace that i assume i can gain a lot of experience, besides of fulfilling my intention to further my master in Sabah. it is a convenient thing i never want to let it go.

oh, this is not a short-entry, i didn't realize i almost wrote more than half of page here.haha.
so maybe i should stop writing here. save my energy for tweeting and tweeting. *i don't know why i'm so active in tweeting currently. all my attention was paid to Twitter and forget about my blog, and facebook.
bytheway, i am on my way to finish my thesis just now. i found it's easy and good to meet new people in life as one day those people can help us when we need it. thanks god i am finally found them. 

so have a gudnite all. last story, there is no water supply here at our place currently since today afternoon and this impeded me to run any activities in my daily life. i felt like moody and not happen to do anything. so i am going to sleep, wake up, breakfast, processing my thesis and sleep again on this weekend. how pathetic!
so long.have a nice day.daaa.

Sunday, November 4, 2012


i was active in health promotion at several places currently. so many thing happen to me and i can't find someone to share my stories. but it's ok, i will keep it safely.

in two months, i have learnt lots of thing, nothing less, all is more. thanks god. this session really improve my knowledge, experience and skill. Alhamdulillah,one day, i really hope i could apply it when i get a job.Job is waiting for me actually, so i am going to step into a new career within two month. oh, seriously, nervous!!!

so far, i am happy with my life. satisfying, and feel grateful for Allah and myself.
thank you so much for giving me some talents which i consider many of them don't have its. so i love my life.

thank you.=)