Saturday, October 13, 2012

of yellow;

seriously i fell in love of yellow things.

i have a great confidence on future planning. i felt good, and glad.

and yellow now is my current favorite, 'cause yellow is brilliant, and shine..i feel like shining whenever i put in on myself.

Yellow is a gold. and i loved to have a GOLD in my life. not the ordinary one, but the extra-ordinary that could make me shines even in a dark. now i feel safe and comfortable at my place. so keep it up. =)


SimplySeoul said...

to be able to pull out bright colours like yellow need confidence. :)

jessforshort. said...

u look nice in that colour sis.. and i guess any colours suit u well ^_^

btw, have a good day :)

flocloe said...

wow..yan so gorgeous..