Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A guidance;

Peace be upon you,

hii everyone!!!
i hope everything is okay ya.

ok, direct to the point,
i got a comment from someone today. and here, i am going to express my regard to him/her.

Dear Help & Amp; Guidance, thanks for the guide you have shared with me. FYI, i never think criticism could dampen me down. instead i appreciated your comment, and guidance. this is a learning process i never want to let it go. i will take your guidance into my account, and keep in my mind for the rest of my life.
thank you so much for the guidance ya. may god blessing you. 
i am sorry i didn't publish your comment in my previous entry, that because its a confidential between us. but don't get me wrong, i really hope you'll do the same thing ( keep in guiding me) to my next post. i can guarantee u no war or revenge for that. i really appreciate your help and guidance, and now i need your guidance, more and more. keep it up ya. thanks in advanced.=)

ok, this weekend is a hectic time for me. am going to outstation for 4D3N for Total Wellness and Health Promotion with Maybank Academy. so wish me happy and strong ya.thanks.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

of yellow;

seriously i fell in love of yellow things.

i have a great confidence on future planning. i felt good, and glad.

and yellow now is my current favorite, 'cause yellow is brilliant, and shine..i feel like shining whenever i put in on myself.

Yellow is a gold. and i loved to have a GOLD in my life. not the ordinary one, but the extra-ordinary that could make me shines even in a dark. now i feel safe and comfortable at my place. so keep it up. =)

Saturday, October 6, 2012


it's been awhile i had had long hiatus since my last update. 
the way i felt before is not like what i feel now. the amusement, and self-enjoy, feel like nothing anymore.
'cause my life now has turn into hectic and i am such of optimistic all the time.

because i know i'm going to graduate and step into new career, for sure, i am kind of desperate for knowledge. i never stop for learning process, my ambitious is high over my expectation, i shall prepare myself for a fight and flight. nevertheless, think about future, i shall think it as a positive manner. for that, i enjoyed myself now.=) 

got swollen on my eyes currently due to allergic

so, another 7 weeks of practical session to go.i don't know what i feel actually. my body is too weak and weary since my first day of practical, but not my soul. my spirit is too high and strong as i never feel tired of learning new thing. curiosity, is one of my character, so glad for that. curiosity has led me to this level eventually. thanks for god, who created my soul wonderfully.

well, i am going to graduate. yeah, and bravo for that. so how about a career?..alhamdullillah,so far i have no problem in terms of career. there are hopes at anywhere. opportunity has come, and i am the one who suppose to choose wisely any one of its anyway. so dear Allah, please give me a sign and answer, so that my choices are not far from my expectation.

for that, i will let Allah determine for me,'cause Allah is the best Planner in this world. so wish me lucky. lucky that comes from a bless. a bless from Allah s.w.t. InsyaAllah..