Monday, September 3, 2012


i've been thinking loads about 6# thing;

1# Thing is, i really have no idea which one offer i should choose for my career. i've been offered to work at several companies, and i don't know which one i should pick up first. i was wavered, either to work, or further my master, anyway.

2# after all, medical field is still my priority, my passionate field. so i might proceed my desire.

3# of practical session. i have 3 months to finish my practical session before i getting work. so its an excited, and adventured experience i thought. well, i always love practical session you know. so there is big evidence for me to complete it easily, and intelligence, for sure.

4# i came up with new idea of my upcoming thesis. i will start with assessment, diagnosing, giving treatment, and motivation. so dear my pre-patients, wait for me ya=)

5# i must say 'its a MUST' for saving money just now. upcoming planning is an excitation, nervous, but happiness. 2013 will brings more delightful meaning in my life. i'm sure.

6# its about a relationship. we were just in one step closer to our day. we have discussed and planned quite enough about it. so something cool and blithe will surely up on 2013, and 2014.=)

in overall, i was impatience to learn new things during my practical session. so i wish no pressure impeding my intention soon. with god's permission, and blessing, anything will be okey, as always.=)


Akue Achik said...

all choices are yours.. make a wise decision.. :)

anyway, human proposes, God disposes.. all the best to you sis.. ^^

SimplySeoul said...

i'm going to do thesis too...haah so serabut kepala ni. nervous too.

Fane Davis said...

best of luck for you babe...Only you know what's the the best for you.I smell passionate in you life.:) said...

Btl2..setuju mcm achik ckp..
Klw itu yg terbaik teruskan sj :-)