Wednesday, September 12, 2012

now at here;

now at here @ National Institute Occupational Safety and Health;

what i have so far made me impressed and more informative about safety health. to be honest, i never expected to have a very good moment here. so since i was here, that gives me more appreciative chance to improve my knowledge.
so today is my 3rd working day in NIOSH. there are less practical students here, and i'm the only one came from UiTM and got a special project here. isn't it a brilliant chance??i am a lucky person to be here.
moreover, our department@Ergonomic have a project which is involving 5000 participants as this is an international project. must be done carefully and enthusiastic. so goodluck to us.

during my 2nd day in NIOSH

BUT now,

i have lots works and jobs must be done. so goodluck and may god blessing all of u ya.stay cheers.daaa.


Anum said...

cantik sgt2

Winnie Irene said...

like the image! btw, kerja sda ka dear? happy working! :)

raihan salleh said...

hye dear.really2 cun =) i love it.btw where's niosh?

Akue Achik said...

all the best sis! :))

u look so pretty.. ^^

Armstrong said...

All the best in working there! Seems exciting. You represent your uni hehee.

btw, who took your pics o. Nice. Ka ambil sendiri hahaa.

Happy weekend, Azeanthy!

Aemy Nadira said...

u look awesome ;)
good luck yeah! ^^

Aki said...

Arms, ko kena tau si Kak Yan ni paling pakar bab2 camwhoring.. :p.. ngahaha.. :).. Bah kak yan, brabis ah.. best tu.. :).. jan kana buli2 ah.. :D..