Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello peers!
been busy with my departments' project currently. nextweek will be my project-day, and i couldn't imagine what will happen to me nextweek.

so i was assigned to handle a project of Jom Sihat carnival, and nextweek i am going to give a talk or seminar to NIOSH's staffs. quite nervous but i thought this is the time i waited for all this time. so on 27th Sept 2012, i am going to do full blood testing with them, taking blood and make a laboratory experiment on the blood. see, some of staffs starts talking nonsense about blood, 'blood is frightened, disgusted, and so forth'. but its not really affects me, because i'm a medic-person, i never afraid of blood, or seeing critical injuries. so i'm free of that thrilled emotion.hehe.

okey,proceed to the next interventions, 27th sept in the afternoon, me and my lecturer are going to handle a talk, my lect will present his presentation for 1-2 hour, and i'm going to give fitness training education in 1, or atleast 1/2 hour. so quite busy and nervous to confront the whole staffs of NIOSH ya. but its okey. i'll be alright.=). moreover, i need to spend my time with monitoring the staffs on training exercise for 1 month 'till i'd finish my practical.

so now i'm talking about leopard,
i don't know why but i just love leopard pattern i have bought totally plenty of shawls or tudung with leopard pattern. is it something wrong with me, or what??guess it by myself.=)

i think i should stop here. lots works need to focus. so goodbye everyone.have a nice journey ya.and i'm going to fly away tomorrow. to get my happiness. so bravo! to me! daaaaa.=)


Anum said...


Rungitom said...

Leopard print is cool. :)


Aki said...

apa nama yang gantung2 tu?? :D

N.Aima K said...

lama oo tidak singgah sini.. i love loepard too ;)

SimplySeoul said...

this cheetah print. one thing that i'm not confident to be able to pull out.

Puan Kopipaheete said...
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Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

leopard memang awesomekan yan..cantik bila dipakai..ney tudung bawalka atau shawl yan..?=)

Armstrong said...

Wow everytime I read your blog posts, seems that your schedule is packed! :D

Aemy Nadira said...

hey busy lady! schedule's packed year thesis, final projects and all..haizzz...lets be strong together. hehe.
love that tudung..i also start to love leopard printed tudung. very nice ;)