Monday, August 27, 2012

just a little time;

Happy Eid 2012 to all muslim...
its been a week we were celebrating Eid 2012 and i really missed the moment of eid. there are loads things made me happy and this is the greatest eid i ever celebrate after all. 

and this picture below was taken at NJ's house during his big brother's wedding reception. we had gathered up together in that event with my family and his big families. seeing each other and introducing me to his families. i was too nervous i almost lost control of my feeling but then his families are the kindness family i ever met. and there is a brief discussion regarding our relationship between us.hehe. thanks god for the bless on us.

so just now and then till the awaited moment, we put responsibility on us to make our dream come true. just a little time for one step closer, and we're going to achieve the real happiness in our life. may god blessing u.



Akue Achik said...

pewiittt..abg ipar suda..sis bila lg?hehe

Armstrong said...

May God bless you both, Azeanthy ;)

Hope you had a really awesome holiday and Raya celebration.

Ba don't forget to invite when the time comes yo. Wakakaa jk.

Happy Wednesday!

aku eryati said...

wah...berita baik yan...selamat hari raya yan... said...

Selamat Hari Raya yan..

bha, klw sdh tiba masanya jgn lupa kasitau ya..hik2..