Monday, August 27, 2012

just a little time;

Happy Eid 2012 to all muslim...
its been a week we were celebrating Eid 2012 and i really missed the moment of eid. there are loads things made me happy and this is the greatest eid i ever celebrate after all. 

and this picture below was taken at NJ's house during his big brother's wedding reception. we had gathered up together in that event with my family and his big families. seeing each other and introducing me to his families. i was too nervous i almost lost control of my feeling but then his families are the kindness family i ever met. and there is a brief discussion regarding our relationship between us.hehe. thanks god for the bless on us.

so just now and then till the awaited moment, we put responsibility on us to make our dream come true. just a little time for one step closer, and we're going to achieve the real happiness in our life. may god blessing u.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

in the between of;

i swear this year has brought loads memories and experiences into my life. some of them are bitter, but for everything i have done, most of them are sweet and blithe. but memory is still 'only' memory, the present life must be through, and keep going on. the thing is, its all up to us, either to choose anyone of them.

so, Ramadhan month is going to end, the last-day maybe today, and i'm bits of sorrow to let this month  leaving us. i always love Ramadhan, its bring much calmness and peaceful into my life. but then, Raya is always awaited moment, and i liked and missed the happiness and happening of Aidilfitri, so WELCOME TO HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI...=)

so to all muslims, Selamat Hari Raya Maaf zahir dan batin to all of you. i might not there with you all, but my heart does. so, happy eid-fitri all of you. be cheers, and happy always.

see u next-post ya.=)

Monday, August 13, 2012

the gratitude feelings of now and here;

Peace be upon you,
it's been awhile since my last update. Ramadhan is now and here, and i am very glad to be here with families and friends during the Ramdhan and Aidilfitri. this year has brought a very calmness and new strength into my life. it's been so long i haven't feel this peacefulness.

and i'm counting the day of my practical session, to finish my practical so that i can proceed to the next step of my life. i wavered, torn either to work, or further my study into next level. i'm quiet sure god knows the best way of my future, He surely won't let me floating in the stream. the thing is, i always confident there are something good will appear on the 2013. for sure and i'm waiting for that.

so love is unexpected thing we should never expect how it will be. we never know with whom god has arranged to wed us.for that, i'm praying and giving all my hopes to Allah, because He is the best planner in this world,and the whole universe, for sure.