Sunday, July 22, 2012

save the date;

i had had a great moment with my family then. being here with them is the best time i ever experienced, lots things i can do to fulfill my day and books really helps me to dictate my boredom. i had finished reading all my stories books,now i am looking more than that. i really need some readingstuffs right now, hence i shall go somewhere for its.

days have passed and here i am again, i don't know what it is, so whatever for spam.

and yeah, i am saying good and courages words to be positive thinker-person. i am not going to feel lost anyway, me is myself, people who thinks i'm a loser is totally wrong, right for being terrible one. this one girl who really wanted to see me suffer of broken love now has earned her KARMA, she's now being lost of losing her love, she cried a lot, no more fun for life. yeah, it's so hurt i have to admit, but atleast this will change her attitude and mind in future. and the truth is, me and NJ are always fine and feel good here, we have no idea how wonderful our love is, and the most great value is, we never think of spoiling our relationship. it's not easy for us to reach this level,so why bother others? we are just fine here. thanks for the concern anyway=)

so this date gave a great deal in my life. this is ours precious date. meaningful, memorable and unforgettable. and we had planned to make our big-day on this date, as a big appreciation of our love-stories. nobody maybe remember when and how our love has built, except us. so we save this precious date for our big-day then. thanks for the loyalty, trustworthy, and honesty my dear. you're great!=)


Aemy Shamy said...

u're lovely :)
anyway, have u opted to read classical books, like the ones written by Jane Austen? :)

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hopefully both of u having everlasting love each other..ameen..

beaty said...

hi yan lama suda betul x drop by sini..

have a great journey to both of you!

Misya Mialen said...

Ok.dik. aku.tu.big day ko.hihi

Winnie Irene said...

getting married on 15/10 is it dear? hehe