Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Make it vivid!

it's been awhile i left my blog behind of my priority; huh,i'm not going to expose my feeling too much, i bet you know the feelings of facing final examination right?.urm,let's just say it, 'like a rushy and irregular'. and i never like exam after all.

but see, what i have been up yesterday. after awhile, i've opened up my blog and found a brief comment left on my CBOX @ Comment space yesterday. so here i began to know one of my reader, RINDAZ, and she asked me if i ever use PICMONKEY PHOTO EDITOR for photo editting before. to be frankly, i never use it, even heard a tiny thing about it, but i make it simple, so i just tried it anyway. 

and to my surprises, i've been fallen in love with those photo editor. and the effect is exactly what i really wanted before, so i tried it on my photos, let check it out!

okey, let turn into polaroid frame;

so how is it dear? if you wonder what i've been explored before, so you can always click HERE and try it on your photos. so a big thankful to my dear reader, RINDAZ for the awesome idea.

so that's all for today. see you next!tadaaaaaaa.....=)


Michelle Sung said...

Never heard of it too before until my younger sister asked to... I love the effects :)

Anum said...


raihan salleh said...

hye dear.dah lama tak singgah sini.gudluck okeh on ur final =)

N.Aima K said...

salam eyanz!!

where are you actually? are you somewhere in kota kinabalu this weekend? if you come to Matta Fair event at Suria Sabah this weekend ya!! insyaallah i'll be there too..saya "jaga booth" from morning to noon..boleh jg kita jumpa-jumpa hihihi..

Dania Eryati said...

wah...mau testing la...neway..yan tatap sumil...jom kita join c aki punya gathering nov nanti..ehehhe..

N.Aima K said...'s ok sis. tiada jodoh but if you're going home to sabah for semester break do tell me ok..we could arrange a meet up kekeke.. btw thnk u for sharing info about "picmonkey".. ;)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

sis naima;
tula..xda jodoh kn sis..anyway,will inform you anytime i come back to sabah,especially when i come to KK...i was in final year this year,and this sem will be my last sem to be,ample time to be in sabah afterwrads..=)

sis atie;
eee...malu sy sis...anyway thank you aa...bla tu gathering sis?aduii,sy xtau sy smpt join tu ka x..nextweek bru balik sabah ni.klu smpt,nnti kta contact2 aa kak..sama2 kta pg.he..

Miss Purple said...

cantiklah akak ni, suka tengok =D
wah, photo editor tu macam best, blh cuba ni..

Emi ♥ said...

So lovely you look so cute and pretty ^^

Love from your new follower Emi