Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make it vivid; Extended.

urmmm,i'm finally inhaling freshing air of my sweet-hometown. =)

and the most precious moment i will never forget is, the moment i've finished my final examination for this semester, and went out with a party of friends to somewhere to celebrate our finishing school day. yeah, we have done our bachelor in university, the rest is our practical session. no worries, i always love practical session. so will going back to Malaya on September for practical, and lots of time to be here with my family, friends, and boyfriend.=)

anyway,back to picmonkey photo editor, since my first trial, i've fallen in love with it, so much!so here i am,

so, the day after tomorrow will be our first Ramadhan day, so dear all, i'm saying;
Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak 1433/2012 semua. semoga diberkati dalam segala urusan dunia dan akhirat.=)

be happy all, may god blessing us. yaaahh=)


Anum said...

u look so sweet

Akue Achik said...

selamat habis belajar.. :)

n slamt bposa..hehe

nowriz mars said...

cute.. suka pict no 2 tu.. hihi

selamat berpuasa!! :D

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Enjoy ur holiday yaa yan..=)