Saturday, July 28, 2012

secrets, hopes and dreams;

me myself, wasn't sure i'd like composing song when i first started involved myself in music arena, but this kind of stuffs are completely brilliant. i even made it easy, such a breezy idea! plus, i get to do loads of my favorite art-stuffs. 

i'd love to spend more time on my latest artistic progression, but my main career pathway is such a struggle for me to do it 100%. minus business field, i realized i was attracted to involve myself in business now and then, i can't bear to let my talent goes away from mine. 

how can i keep my secret hidden though, when now my hopes over-exploded my truly desire?me now wondering if i can even fulfill it at a same time on the same place. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

save the date;

i had had a great moment with my family then. being here with them is the best time i ever experienced, lots things i can do to fulfill my day and books really helps me to dictate my boredom. i had finished reading all my stories books,now i am looking more than that. i really need some readingstuffs right now, hence i shall go somewhere for its.

days have passed and here i am again, i don't know what it is, so whatever for spam.

and yeah, i am saying good and courages words to be positive thinker-person. i am not going to feel lost anyway, me is myself, people who thinks i'm a loser is totally wrong, right for being terrible one. this one girl who really wanted to see me suffer of broken love now has earned her KARMA, she's now being lost of losing her love, she cried a lot, no more fun for life. yeah, it's so hurt i have to admit, but atleast this will change her attitude and mind in future. and the truth is, me and NJ are always fine and feel good here, we have no idea how wonderful our love is, and the most great value is, we never think of spoiling our relationship. it's not easy for us to reach this level,so why bother others? we are just fine here. thanks for the concern anyway=)

so this date gave a great deal in my life. this is ours precious date. meaningful, memorable and unforgettable. and we had planned to make our big-day on this date, as a big appreciation of our love-stories. nobody maybe remember when and how our love has built, except us. so we save this precious date for our big-day then. thanks for the loyalty, trustworthy, and honesty my dear. you're great!=)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Make it vivid; Extended.

urmmm,i'm finally inhaling freshing air of my sweet-hometown. =)

and the most precious moment i will never forget is, the moment i've finished my final examination for this semester, and went out with a party of friends to somewhere to celebrate our finishing school day. yeah, we have done our bachelor in university, the rest is our practical session. no worries, i always love practical session. so will going back to Malaya on September for practical, and lots of time to be here with my family, friends, and boyfriend.=)

anyway,back to picmonkey photo editor, since my first trial, i've fallen in love with it, so much!so here i am,

so, the day after tomorrow will be our first Ramadhan day, so dear all, i'm saying;
Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan al-Mubarak 1433/2012 semua. semoga diberkati dalam segala urusan dunia dan akhirat.=)

be happy all, may god blessing us. yaaahh=)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

and i feel it again;

two days ago, i,ve been listen to this song all time.Dance again Jennifer lopez ft Pitbull and i feel really weird. something unearthly, the utmost feeling of felicity, and so exhilarated. 

so i caught that feeling again ya. 

and yeah, i take a move whenever i listen to this song. i wanna dance my body, my mind is trying to visualize something that i am not very sure if it's worth and attainable. see who the biggest daydreaming girl right now?it's me okey! and i could always trying to see my forthcoming future, that's the real talent i never want to let it go. so i just proceed it 'till the end. because i know i always fine here. so bravo! i say. good luck of my life anyway. 

i'm leaving somewhere today. so long. may god blessing you.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Make it vivid!

it's been awhile i left my blog behind of my priority; huh,i'm not going to expose my feeling too much, i bet you know the feelings of facing final examination right?.urm,let's just say it, 'like a rushy and irregular'. and i never like exam after all.

but see, what i have been up yesterday. after awhile, i've opened up my blog and found a brief comment left on my CBOX @ Comment space yesterday. so here i began to know one of my reader, RINDAZ, and she asked me if i ever use PICMONKEY PHOTO EDITOR for photo editting before. to be frankly, i never use it, even heard a tiny thing about it, but i make it simple, so i just tried it anyway. 

and to my surprises, i've been fallen in love with those photo editor. and the effect is exactly what i really wanted before, so i tried it on my photos, let check it out!

okey, let turn into polaroid frame;

so how is it dear? if you wonder what i've been explored before, so you can always click HERE and try it on your photos. so a big thankful to my dear reader, RINDAZ for the awesome idea.

so that's all for today. see you next!tadaaaaaaa.....=)