Sunday, June 10, 2012

You could always be;

Yesterday we have done with our batch's event course. i'd enjoyed the moment very much as we're about to coaching and teaching kids for 5 selected sport which are Tennis, Petanque, Volleyball, Squash and Basketball. so our target kids are basically the novice kids, a beginner one. i can tell you all of us(crews) were amused and so delighted to teach these kids, they are new to the field and activity, so i thought it's pretty hard to teach. By the way, i was the intructor of Aerobic Dance during this event, for our warming up session. so i thought everyone of us were enjoy it much. thank for the support.

and talk about my past final presentation,
yups, i've done it well and probably the best presenter on that day. i'm glad i can scored the highest marks on my presentation. it's a gifted, and it meant so much to me. thanks for your support my friends.

so final examination is around the conner. we have 3 weeks before final examination, to finish our assignments, and presentations. what i can say now is, i'm glad this semester didn't give a very hard time for me,instead of giving me an opportunity to height my pointer as well. i've gave my best for this semester anyway, i really looking forward of this.

anyway, i've a group discussion just now, so i'm leaving for awhile. so have a nice day readers. will catch ur blog afterwards.thankss..=)


Ayuni said...

Salam, like this blog, your grammar is awesome!

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

hii ya..i'm pray for u successfull..then,wait u for the dekan list..huhu..u can do it..=)

Aemy Shamy said...

the banner is nice! ^^
good luck in everything, dear. make the best of the remaining 3 weeks! ^^

SimplySeoul said...

Ooh must be fun to watch those kids play sports. Im not good with sports but i love watching one.

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

sis ayuni;
thanks dear. i'm still working on my grammar skills. lots thing need to be learned..anyway,thanks yaa.=)

thanks dearr.going to fulfill my own goals in future,thank you so much!=)

yeah, i'm going to stay strong to keep remaining for about 3 weeks anymore. anyway,thanks dear.gudluck for u too ya..

ouw,that's really fun dear, i can tell you hone of us were stressful managing these kids that day. we were enjoyed them very much!thanks dear..=)

millerJ said...

Waah. best2 o game dia.. hehe ^^
but sadly i can't play well any of those above.. main kg2 bole la. hehe.. btw, goodluck for your upcoming examination sis. god bless! ^^

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

yaa..mostly my favorite games tu dearr. blh bljr maen bh tu,anyway,thanks dear for the wishes. i wish the best for u too..=)

Misya Mialen said...

lama sdh x beraerobik ba dik;) btw, alhamdulillah good job dik;)

nowriz mars said...

wow! cute tu banner..

eee.. nda sangka ko ni Zumba instuctor.. hihi..

balik kk.. kita Zumba ya.. ;)