Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thank you God.

i've no offence of seeing other's happiness. well, nothing to mourn about, instead of wishing the best for them.
faith is faith, nothing to regret, nothing to tears, and nothing to frusted anyway. so i always feel grateful of God for giving me such a wonderful courages and strength to face any hunches in my life. i still need to go on with my own life, more resiliently. By the way, i have my own future life that surely will be achieved in the next few years. 

so today we have final presentation of Research and Methodology course, and i've a possibility to be a presenter for this session. so i'm hoping i can give the best of me during my presentation. i'm not a perfect person, but i'll make sure i'll live on this earth as a confident person. nothing can crumples me down, as long as i  resist. so i'm going to live free and cheerful in my life. no prejudice, no worries. 


Anum said...

good luck ur final presentation

EtySalbiah Abdurrasik said...

hii yan..good luck for the presentation..wish all the best for u..chayok!!..=)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

thanks dear anum and ety..

already fought with my final grateful, Allah always bless me, nothing to worry, lucky is everywhere..

tahnks anyway.,.=)

beaty said...

yan, instead of getting jealous about other happiness better we congrats them and at the same time berusaha untuk mencari hapiness..

n gud luck for your presentation

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

u totally true sis beaty!

instead of thinking of them, i prefers thinking of myself.more happiness awaiting for me.=)

thanks sis..already done it seemed bravo!=)

Aemy Shamy said...

u go, babe! ^^
good luck in your presentation!! ;)

Misya Mialen said...

yeah aku rasa, ko punya presentation mmg terbaik punya dik;)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

dear aemy and sis misya;

thank you so much for the wish.
i'm glad and so grateful i could be one of the best presenter for our subject so far. so bravo!

anyway,tahnks all for praying of mine..=)