Monday, June 25, 2012

so, what?

okey, i got a message in my mobile phone just in a couple of minutes ago. and the msg is sound like this;

the statement,
'i was better than you in term of fashion, makeup-stuffs, styling. but why people still looked at you rather than me?i don't like people keep comparing us because i can't be like you, and just like you!'

my answer,
'you better ask yourself before you asked me. yeah, i'm lack of fashion, i'm not stylist, i even don't know how to put makeup-stuffs on my face. yeah, i was so lack of everything i have to admit. but one thing you should keep in your mind, i rather live like this than being others. i rather live in 'lacking' than being camouflages of my real imperfection face. so i wish the best for you. thank you for stopping me.'

the truth is, i really don't care at all. yeah, i admit it, i am not that perfect person. i'm not really talented in putting any make up on my face, i'm lacks in fashion, i'm not a stylist. so what??? i don't know who that person but my instinct was too firm to say 'she was HER'.yaa, i know it's you girl, i don't have foes since my existence, so why bother you?i really don't care. NOT-AT-ALL.

and now you said, 'i don't like people keep comparing us because i can't be like you, and just like you!' and i was too puzzled to think that silly thing. so i decided rather than being upset, why i should bother you?i can't answer yours anymore, so many things came up to ruin my mood, but no, i am enough strong to live on my territory then. so why don't you just leave me alone?to tell you the truth, i'm so grateful of having a wonderful soul that surely will protects me anywhere i go. so i'm grateful for being my real self. 

Azeanthy Paiman is always grateful with Him(god). 


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hye dear..
wow,i think the lady is envy with you indeed. No matter what happen, just ignore the person. She's never grateful with herself and apparently she come to your life,bothering or anything else. She's being sarcastic by send you a message,huhu..really coward. Nevermind yan, don't make this silly thing,ruin your exam mood. Go on dear , she don't know who you are , she's just know your name,but not your life..ignore her.
Be Confident =)

ANA said...

Ohmy. Dia jeles la tu! Tidak sangka oh zaman sekarang pun ada lagi mau hantar2 mesej begitu. That was sooooo old school! Like really?? That kind of msg? I mean, what the... Haha. Sabar ja la, dear.. Dia totally envy you bah tu. Rasa risau dia sebab kena compare dengan ko. Heiho!

Aki said...

ha ha ha.. the thing is..... who cares.. hm, if you dare to compare yourself with other, that's an ego.. So, tu urang btul2 tia tau malu.. ha ha ha ha.. Well, if she thought that fashionable, that styling gonna make people look at her, that damn..... LoL.. tell her, it's the ATTITUDE what the people are lookin for.. :D

jessforshort. said...

Oh my. Is it someone u used to know sis? Huhuhu. Ya, u looks good because u always keep Him by your side. Perhaps she's just envying u who is adored by mny ppl there. Be strong sis, haters will always hate. Focus with ur examination k! all is well :)

Anum said...

x sangka kan ada lagi zaman sekarang mcm nie

Winnie Irene said...

hi dear. let it be. i guess she's just afraid of what other people says to her. just be urself. it wont harm u anyway. hoho. take k there! and gud luck in ur exam. :)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

dear all my friends,

thanks for supporting me. i didn't where the hell this insolence person came from, but i surely will not distracted by her..thanks aa my friends.may god blessing you..=)

SimplySeoul said...

aduhaii sangatla siapa yang hantar message gitu. narrow minded punya people, she shud get a life. go fishing or gardening, and leave u alone sis. keke

Armstrong said...

That's great... keep up that attitude, girl. ;)

For me, if things like this happen, I wouldn't let the smallest thing spoil my mood or anything. Better just ignore the annoying person rather than spoil mood for a day or something.

:P Happy Monday, Azeanthy!

shree nath said...

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Sabrina Iyna said...

doi,still got people like this..thought, she's de one comparing herself with ur ni..

N.Aima K said...

ndu bah..ask her to gogole this "inferiority complex"

EB said...

Semoga Allah melapangkan dadamu..
Semoga Allah mempermudahkan urusanmu..