Friday, June 29, 2012

A sincere love-letter;

The truth is,

i just love the way you call me Honey in the presence of your friends, and others. i thought it's so delighted to hear you call me Baby when we're face to face. i was so blithe to hear a special word of Darling@Dear that you used to name me in-front of your friends, and i'm loving it when you never forgot to call me Sayang, after all. i just can't stop myself from smiling happily whenever i heard you call me Sweetheart. 

and you just don't know how much i love it when you were rarely calling my real name, my surname, my famous name, or whatever. i never underestimate you to be dare and shame to call me with those lovely-sweet words in presence of people, i mean, publicly. 

and i really love it, when you told/tell them how serious our relationship are, solemnly. oh, you're precious to me dear. copyrighted.

Dear my pretty-boy,
we're too far by million miles, i have no idea how to make you happy when you're sad, so this is the only thing i can give to you froma distance, so that you'll always feel safe, glad and cheerful there. i'm sorry i can't be with you when you're in that circumstance. i always understand yours, and i can senses you my dear. i know it's hurt when the thing we love the most is in that condition. but dear, i hope you'll always be relax, and calm down there. i count on you dear. and i hope you'll to. just in two weeks, i'll be back there. i hope everything gonna be okey when i come to you soon. i might not there now to accompany you, but my heart and my soul will always together with you. so may god blessing you dear. please be alright there. 

                                                                                                                         sincerely by,
                                                                                                                         Azeanthy Paiman.

so i'll stop here. three papers just passed, and everything seemed brilliant. now, only three papers left before going back to my hometown. so Bravo!!!


DoRa Priscilla said...

So sweet! ^^

All the best! 3 more to go and home sweet home :D

Ayuni said...

sis, so romantic!

Misya Mialen said...

wiwit.;) senyum2 jg aku baca dik;) manisnya cinta kan;)

Aemy Shamy said...

sweeter than sugar ;)

SimplySeoul said... is in the air..