Thursday, June 21, 2012

silent for awhile;

this week is our last week before the final examination. so nothing i could wish rather than praying to score a very good pointer.

as time passes, students often ditch their mood for sitting their upcoming papers. Examination is just like a student's conflict in university. the nearest the day, the more stressful they are. they tend to ditch from any activities that they love the most, and giving almost totally their attention to the exam. that's a common. i feel that way too. but i'm not too depressed like i used to be before. a great and countless confidence overwhelming me. and a big-gratitude to god for giving me such a wonderful confidence in my life, so grateful.. 

credits to Mr google.

so i only have 3 weeks before i come back to my hometown. so within 3 weeks, i shouldn't be easily distracted by any barriers that merged to ruin my day. NOT-AT-ALL. so what i have to do now in order to ensure a good marks towards my exam is study and praying. only god knows what inside of my heart, of my mind. so i know god will always be with me because i always trust HIM.

so i would like to say, i'm going to silent myself from any social networks for awhile. it could be a month, weeks, or for months. i don't know. the only thing i really care now is my upcoming examination and my practical session. so i rest my all attention to my exam now. so goodbye.

p/s dear readers, please pray the best for me during my final examination.thanks, may god blessing you=)


Anum said...

all the best

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hii yan..
Wish all the best for you aa..where ever you are,always confident with yourself..that's the perfect way..So,good luck for you..I'm always pray for you happiness and successful in your life..ameen~..=)

N.Aima K said...

gd luck dear

jessforshort. said...

Good luck sis! and do your very best, He will always be there to guide you. May you pass with flying colours! ^^

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

to all my friends;
thanks for the wish. i'm sure i can go through it confidently..=)

thanks all..=)

Kay Masingan said...

good luck sis..dont worry u can do it..:)

beaty said...

Wish you luck yan U can do it!

Sis Eiyan Azian said...

good luck exam twin :))

Armstrong said...

Hey Ms Azeanthy... all the best in all your exams yo. You can do it! Like you said, you have a lot of confidence ;)

And happy Saturday!

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

dear fellow friends,

thanks for the wish ya.i wish the best for u too=)