Saturday, June 16, 2012

Instructor of Aerobic Dance;

last week we have been done our batch's event project brilliantly. i considered this event as my challenge day as we were given responsibility to teach and coach the novice kids (the beginner) to play 5 selected sports within 5 hours. i was the instructor of aerobic dance for warming up session on that day. so i thought it took a bit hard time to conduct the warming up session for kids. i mean, they were still new in this field, and mostly of them didn't really involved themselves in sport before. so we were ready for any possibilities before we started the coaching session actually,

by the way, 
i really enjoyed myself during the aerobic dance session. i didn't make it by myself alone, i have my backup and i know all of us were enjoying the moment on that day. 

just after the warming up session, i was asked to photograph the moment as i was free-of-tasks during the event. so i have no photo of myself until my friend (backup photographer) took my photos on that day. you know what, when you're given task to be a photographer, it mean that you'll have less photo(or could be no) during the moment, so only god knows how happy i am when my friend took my photos as i thought that a necessary to wrap up all the moment into a video, or at least pictures anyway. 

so here i am;=)

me and syusyu

just before the aerobic dance moment

and this is my favorite friend in my world, kak Syida. she was in same class with me, but she was 2 years older than me. but still, i thought we have no limitation in sharing stories or things. i just love the way she think. she's really matured okay.=)

me and kak Syida

so after we finished the coaching session, we were gathered up in the hall. and we were delighted when our lecturer broke the new that we were done the job given by him brilliantly, and successfully. so 20 marks will be secured for all of us!whoaaaaa, nothing we can do other than cheered up ourself. so meaning that, our pointer at a safe zone actually. huhuu. so lucky!

anyway, i only have 2 weeks to get prepare for my final examination. our examination schedule seemed irritated and so scary, how can we sit for exam by taking 3 papers in 2 day??oooo,no, i'm going to torture my little-brain!there is no enough gap for us to revise our study, nobody really knows what going happen on that day, so i thought preparation is the best solution.

anyway.i am not going to give up. i know i always can depends on myself and standing on my feet confidently. so bravo! i say.=)


N.Aima K said...

wish u luck sis ;)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

thank you so much sis. i will!=)

DoRa Priscilla said...

you look really good! :D

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

thanks dearr. i did it.=)

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

Hii yan..the remaining of two weeks..will be a hectic time for you right? stay cool..enjoy your much as you the best for you final exam yaa..nobody else can give the perfect gift of breakthrough except yourself..i'm pretty sure u can do it..go on dear..=)

beaty said...

wah yanpunya siok jadi mungkin begegar ni di depan..he he