Sunday, June 24, 2012

an impulse to jot down;

i've tried to restrain myself from blogging but i just can't. i've finished my research project and i felt much roomy overwhelming me. so to reward myself of being struggled for almost a week has urged me to keep listen to this song-->>bruno mars My love.( please don't feel weird why i love this kind of frivolous song, i have my own reason. different people have different tastes).what make me damn fallen in love with this song was the lyric; 'I'll put you in front of me So everybody can see, My love this is my love,I know that I'll be alright As long as you are my guide, My love this is my love'.

oh god,this song is quite pleasant, and ouw, the lyric was damn sweet!!!i know NJ always have a brilliant ideas to make my day, thank dear.

so, i'm quite disorganized currently, but i'm too strong to be up against the 'conflict of university, which is final examination. 3 weeks left before i leave UiTM for the rest of my bachelor, and maybe will come back here for furthering study in master level. you know what, i love UiTM i have been studied in UiTM for almost 6 years and i don't wish to leave uitm just like that without giving at least a piece of merit here. i think there a lot thing i can help out here. but,huh..lets time determine my future. lots of opportunities waiting for me.

and last from me but not least,
i always love the way my man confesses his love towards me. talk about future could make me freak out, but then u know what, he's always talks the right thing whenever we are in solemn-talk. so finally the thought of 'getting step into marriage is not easy at all, lots of things needs to be re-considered' had suspended us. now i'm getting afraid to think more about a nuptial. but it's a blossomed feeling to think about it u know.hehe.

however, final exam is coming up. so my last fight with final examination is going to begin. so please bear me myself, please don't ruin my days. just for 3 weeks, the rest u can storms me afterwards. so long, goodnite all my friends.have a sweetdream..zaijian.=)


Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said...

hye my dear yan....
wish all the best for you exam yaa..oh yaa..about my,this is for you..hehe..special..hahaa..i created last night..sorry if it's not perfect..=)

Misya Mialen said...

good luck dik.;) jwb betul2. jgn lupa baca doa;)

Aemy Shamy said...

just listened to the song, it's really nice, i love it!
yeah leaving/farewell is sad. i got 1 year left before leaving campus, but 1 year will fleet so fast. not ready for farewell yet..

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

ouw thankyou so much dear!!i've seen it and i love it much!!thankss...

kak misya;
tq kak...wish the best for u aa..=)

dear aemy;
yeah,i thought soo.farewell is always so sad.mmm..

jessforshort. said...

marriage means stepping in into another world. btw, take time and im sure u will find rainbow by the end of the day! ^^

all the best for final, God bless your effort :)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

thanks dear..we're in planning right now..yups,take time will be the best solution of this.insyaAAlah,the right moment on the right place and time will be determined later.lets god predetermine our plan..=)