Thursday, June 14, 2012

Deep in love;

i've enjoyed reading online articles on lastnight. i did reading mostly Conflict-in-love articles and i realized every couples have their own reasons, that make them stick with their relationship. and i was too impressed, to reveal something that we called as a secret in our life, but you know what, listen to Bruno Mars' songs really made me sick about love. in addition, one of my friend keep asking me 5 things that made me fallen in love with my man. whooaaaaa. we know it's a confidential, but how can i resist my betsfriend's request .

so yeah, what actually 5 things that make me fallen in love with NJ?ok.let see...

# he is the only one who ever made me fallen in love, after i got heartbroken. i've found many guys in my life, most of them have been tried to win my heart, but none of them could make me fallen in love, just like NJ did. 

# he loves me even though i'm a freak of feelings. i mean, people can't come to my life easily, but they can go off from me delightful. you know what i mean, right? he's too patience and practically loving me much! xoxo-

# he's himself, that's the most attractive quality anyone can ever have. he meets the criteria that i was looking for all this time. simply to say, he is my soul mate!

# the important thing is, i love how he support me and make me remember who i am, that's make me like the most special girl in this world.

# i love the way he loves me. that he still love me even though he had seen me looking terrible. he loves me unconditionally. and love me the way i am.

# and the last but not least, there are so many things that make me fallen in love with NJ. he's the only one who can make me fallen in love after all, he has so many values that i'm looking for in life, and frankly, he is the only one i can regard as a Special Boyfriend in  my world. i just can't explain one by one here, so many things i say.=)

so what else i'm looking for a love, i've found it anyway. so i don;t need more than NJ in my life. not anyone else. 

we're too young to know what love is, but i'll make sure u'll not regrets for loving me that way.=)

so dear readers,
what things that make you falling in love with your man???come on, let share a bit.=)


Cici Dyesebella said...

hahaha kalau sa kena tanya why jatuh cinta ngan si husband saya memang tak tahu tapi cuma hati dapat jawap..yang saya tahu dia sangat spontan cool saja bila ajak bcinta..walau apa pun reason yang penting hati kena jujur and jangan terpaksa..apa pun happy for u darl...nanti kawin mesti jemput k ^_^

Anum said...

anum akan jatuh cinta pada lelaki yang jujur, ikhlas dan terima anum seadanya

Ety Salbiah Abdurrasik said... is a feeling..that deeply comes from our soul..for me expression and appreciate obviously get us into it...=)

ANA said...

Me? Don't have any ideas why. You know what it means. Hahaha.

DoRa Priscilla said...

so sweet dear! remind me of my Nick also.. hehehe.. our stories is almost the same as your.. Nick is very patience, even if I throw rocks at him also I think he would not budge..

Aki said...

Hm, lebi kurang pula kami ni.. ha ha ha.. :D.. bah, bila kawin Kak Yan?? :D

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

haha..there's a lot things that make us falling in love with our man. i know what u feel, and just like u, i like cool guys. that make me calm down to be with..=)
anyway, insyaAllah, one day in future, we will have our big day, so don't be worry, u're the most person i will not forgotten to invite for. wait for us aa..=)

tahnk you dear..same with me, i love guy with kidness, honesty and trustworthy, i don;t need more that that...=)

that will be totally right as many people don;t know how to appreciate their partner well. obviously,that will be a problem if we don't know how to express and appreciate our partner. but i wish, i could be a lucky girl to be with my man..thanks dearr.=)

Eyanz Azeanthy Paiman said...

haha...ur man is sooooo cool dearr..i wish the best for both of u. and yeah, patient is one of the attitude that i will looking for a guy. but so grateful, my man has many values that i was looking for all this time. so grateful i say!anyway,thanks for being my loyal reader dear..=)

hahaha..we're just same aaa...bah, i wish the best for ur relationship aa...insyaAllah, in a few years later, all of us will be surprised of a story of my wedding day. that's awaited moment is almost pray for us aa....
thanks aki....

Shirley Tay said...

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